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Shoreham Yards represents one of the last major vestiges of Minneapolis' prominence as a railroad center. The facility in northeast Minneapolis served as the primary locomotive repair and maintenance facility for the Soo Line Railroad and its predecessor, the Minneapolis, Sault Ste. Marie and Atlantic Railroad. The railroad was founded in 1883 and was completely financed by Minneapolis interests, primarily flour-milling companies, to provide an alternative-shipping route east that bypassed Chicago. The 48-stall roundhouse was designated a Minneapolis historical landmark in 2000. The facility has been considered as a potential focal point for a commercial development along Central Avenue. Although the owner of the property, Canadian Pacific, plans to continue the use of the adjacent site for railroading, they have not committed to preserving the roundhouse and yards.

In early December 2005 CP Rail notified the City and community that they believed the structural integrity of the roundhouse is compromised, prompting closure of a nearby track. Some repairs were subsequently made to the roundhouse. CP Rail is following up with further engineering assessments of the structure.

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