Talk Shows   Guest

Appeared on Arsenio Hall Show to promote RHPOT.   Special guest appearance by Sheriff action figure.

Interviewed by Joan Lunden on Good Morning America to promote RHPOT.

August 13:  Interviewed by Gloria Hunniford on BBC TV.

AR was a guest of Brian Lineham, promoting Michael Collins.


Seen on The View, along with Emma Thompson and Phyllida Law, promoting The Winter Guest.


Interview by Barry Norman on Sky TV in May with Alan and Kevin Smith.

September (?):  Interview on Japanese TV program called Cinema Cha-Cha.

December 21:  AR appeared on Conan O’Brien show to promote Galaxy Quest.
He describes experiencing an earthquake, quotes “Ain’t it Cool News”, and talks about learning to drive.

November 5?, 7?:  Hard Talk interview by Tim Sebastian on BBC News.
Subjected to a probing interview on practically everything…

June:  Was a guest on PBS’s Charlie Rose Show.  30-minute interview with lots of film clips.

November:  Alan visited YCTV for an interview, followed by a mini-documentary of his visit.


June 29, repeated on July 22 and 23:  On Biography Channel (UK) series called Director’s Season, Alan is interviewed for a segment about Anthony Minghella.

November 12:  Was a guest on the Jimmy Kimmel Show.  Makes the famous “d**k flick” comment.

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