Tango at the End of Winter (1991)   Kiyomura Sei

Written by Kunio Shimizo, published in Japan in 1988.  Adaptation by Peter Barnes published by Amber Lane Press in 1991.

1.  About the Edinburgh Festival, including this production of Tango:

“Edinburgh and the Idea of a Festival” by Robert L. King.  In The Massachusetts  Review, Summer 1992.
2.  Writings about Kunio Shimizo:
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    This source also contains critiques for productions of two other Shimizo plays  (When We Go Down that Heartless River and The Dressing Room) and for another  play directed by Yukio Ninagawa (Macbeth).
“Out of the Sixties--Shimizu Kunio and Betsuyaku Minoru” by Robert Rolf:  Journal of the Yokohama National Library,  Sec. II, no. 35, October  1988 (pp. 78-114).  Pre-Tango interview, but interesting nonetheless.
  2.  Other plays by Kunio Shimizo:
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3.  Writings about Yukio Ninagawa.
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 4.  For more info on Peter Barnes, see this entry in the Films/TV section

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