A Trick to Catch the Old One (pre-1985)  Radio  Theodorus Witgood

Peter Barnes adaptation of the play written by Thomas Middleton in 1605.

The original Middleton play can be found in various editions and anthologies, including this one:

Five Plays, Thomas Middleton: Penguin, 1988.
Contains:  A Trick to Catch the Old One/The Revenger's Tragedy/A Chaste Maid of Cheapside/Women Beware Women/The Changeling.
1.  Other plays written by Thomas Middleton.

2.  Plays written by Thomas Middleton in collaboration with others.

3.  Criticism/Interpretation of Thomas Middleton.

4.  Biography of Thomas Middleton:

Thomas Middleton, Dennis G. Donovan (Elizabethan Bibliographies Supplements, no. 1):  Nether Press, 1967.
5.  For more information about Peter Barnes, see this entry in the Film/TV section.

6.  A good general handbook for Middleton and other English dramatists of the era:

The Cambridge Companion to English Renaissance Drama, edited by A. R. B raunmuller and Michael Hattaway:  Cambridge University Press, 1990.
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