The Seagull (pre-1985)  Radio  Aston (Trigorin)

Play written by Anton Chekhov in 1896, adapted by Thomas Kilroy for the stage in 1981 and further adapted by him for the radio broadcast.

Stage play published as The Seagull; After Chekhov by Methuen in 1981 and by The Gallery Press in 1993.

1.  For more information about Thomas Kilroy, see the entry for That Man Bracken in the Radio/Recordings section.

2.  Along with The Seagull, Anton Chekhov’s major plays are considered to be:

 Uncle Vanya, 1899
 The Cherry Orchard, 1900
 The Three Sisters, 1901
Here is a list of some of the collections of these plays which are available in translation along with some of his other plays.

3.  Short Stories by Anton Chekhov.

4.  Biography of Anton Chekhov.

5.  Criticism/Interpretation of Anton Chekhov.

6.  See also entry for the theater production in the Plays section.

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