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 APFR=Actors, or Playing for Real | BDW=Blood Wedding | BLC=Blind Corner |
BM=Billy and Me | CC=Caught in the CrossingCMR=Commitments (radio)  |
TCL=The Contemplative Life | DC=The Dutch Courtesan | ES = The Essential Shakespeare
GMA=A Good Man in Africa | GR=Gridlock | HIAFR=Help!  Iím a Fish (recording) |
ALLD=A Little Like Drowning  |  L=The Lorenzaccio Story  |  LMD=Le Morte díArthur  |
MMY=The Magic of My Youth | ME=The Manchester Enthusiasts  |  P=Polly |
TROTN=The Return of the Native |RO=Rope | SR=The Seagull (radio) |
TSS=The Sorrow of Sarajevo  |  TMB=That Man Bracken |
TCRD=Things Change:  Refuse to Dance |
 TCO=A Trick to Catch the Old One |TB=Tubular Bells II |
  VWE=Victoria Wood Encore  |  WLSR=When Love Speaks (recording)