Romeo and Juliet (1978) TV     Tybalt

Filmed play by William Shakespeare, written in 1597.
Mr. Rickman also appeared in an amateur production of this play early in his career.

1.  The Shakespeare Plays:  Romeo and Juliet, John Wilders ed.:  BBC Books, 1978 and Mayflower Books, 1978.

This edition was published as a tie-in to the TV production and includes some production notes, notations where text was cut for the TV production, and a few photos.  The play is also widely available from various publishers and in numerous anthologies.
2.  Book about the BBC Shakespeare project:
The BBC Shakespeare Plays:  Making the Televised Canon, Susan Willis:  University of North Carolina Press, 1991.  See pp. 90-91, pp. 196-197, pp. 222-223.
3.  Criticism/interpretation of Romeo and Juliet.

4.  Criticism/interpretation of other Shakespeare works

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