Other Writings by Klaus Mann

Alexander: A Novel of Utopia:  Brewer & Warren, 1930.  (Alexander: Roman der  Utopie, 1929.)

Escape to Life (written with Erika Mann):  Houghton Mifflin, 1939.

The Fifth Child:  Boni and Liveright, 1927.
Also translated as Siblings: The Children's  Story and published by Marion Boyars, 1992.  (Kindernovelle, 1926.)

Journey into Freedom:  Knopf, 1936.  (Flucht in den Norden--Roman, 1934.)

The Other Germany (written with Erika Mann):  Modern Age, 1940.

Pathetic Symphony: A Novel about Tchaikovsky:   Gollancz, 1938.
Revised edition  published by Allen, Towne & Heath, 1948. (Symphonie Pathétique: Ein  Tschaikowsky-Roman, 1935.)

The Pious Dance: The Adventure Story of a Young Man:  PAJ Publications, 1987.  (Der fromme Tanz: Das Abenteuerbuch einer Jugend, 1926.)

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