Brief TV Appearances: documentaries, talk shows, and promos

MTV (various times)
Sherrif George appeared in the Bryan Adams’ music video for “Everything I Do, I Do it For You”.

Fallen Angels promo on Showtime network.

Entertainment Tonight.  Promos for The Winter Guest.  Includes some behind the scenes footage.

December:  CNN Showbiz Today.  More film clips, promoting The Winter Guest.

December:  CNN Showbiz Today.  Three minute preview of Judas Kiss, including miniscule interviews with AR and Emma.


February:  Sky TV promo asking actors for their three favorite films, AR responded with:  Swiss Family Robinson, Chasing Amy, and Apocalypse Now.

Late May:  Sky TV interview by Barry Norman of Kevin Smith and Alan about Dogma.

Late May:  Special on E! Entertainment Channel called “E! Goes to Cannes”.  Features footage of Dogma cast Including a short interview with AR.

Late May:  Special on Dogma at Cannes on Sundance Channel called “The Sundance Channel at Cannes:  Cannes 99 World Cinema”.

December 10, 19, 20, 22:  Sci Fi Channel broadcast a quasi history of the fictitious Galaxy Quest television show (entitled something like GQ:  The Journey Continues).


November 29-30: E! News Daily (E! Entertainment Channel) showed AR at a Madonna concert.

December 16:  Entertainment Now on Arena TV, provided another cameo shot of AR at the Madonna concert.


June 1:  The Way They Were 2, a UK TV show with Amanda Holden, showed a clip from  the Girls on Top episode in which AR made a brief appearance (“Four Play”).

November 11:  On Dateline NBC, Katie Couric hosts “Harry Potter:  Behind the Magic” which shows a few glimpses of Snape.

November 12: BBC Omnibus documentary on Trollope includes scenes of Slope in The Barchester Chronicles.

November 14: E! Entertainment Channel shows "Behind the Scenes of Harry Potter", including a little Snape.


June:  Early Morning Show aired the morning after the Tony Awards, short interview with Alan.


November:  Interviews with Alan recorded at the New York and London premieres of Love Actually appear on several news shows.

November:  Appeared in three music videos associated with film Love Actually.

December:  Christopher Hampton interviewed by Joan Bakewell on BBC4.
Includes film clips from London production of Les Liaisons Dangereuses.


March 15:  Hollywood Greats series, Alan appears in the Richard Harris tribute.

April 6:  ABC TV shows 10 Minute Prisoner of Azkaban preview.

May:  Alan appears in HBO promos for Something the Lord Made throughout the month.  There are at least three trailers, one with lengthy interviews included.  There was also a “red carpet” interview from the premier that preceded the broadcast of StLM on May 30.

May 9:  ABC TV airs 10 minute preview of POA in association with broadcast of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, complete with deleted scenes and interviews.

May 25 and 31: POA "Making Of" special broadcast on HBO.

June 3:  “Behind the Scenes” special on Prisoner of Azkaban broadcast on E! Entertainment Channel.

BAFTA Tribute to Victoria Wood, includes “Alan Dickman” sketch from Victoria Wood's All Day Breakfast.


Red Cross Appeal, late 80s, early 90s. (voiceover only)

Labour Party Appeal, BBC1, 1991or 1992.

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