An Awfully Big Adventure (1995)  P. L. O'Hara

Screenplay by Charles Wood.

Based on novel, An Awfully Big Adventure, by Beryl Bainbridge, published by Gerald Duckworth & Co. Ltd. in 1989 and by HarperCollins in 1991.  Reprinted by Carroll & Graf in paperback with a movie-inspired cover in 1995.

1.  Play which Stella uses for her audition piece:

 A Bill of Divorcement, Clemence Dane, originally published in 1921.
2.  Plays performed by Potter’s troupe

3.  Other novels by Beryl Bainbridge

5.  Book about the various incarnations of the character Peter Pan (published before this film was made, however):

Peter Pan Chronicles:  The Nearly 100 Year History of the Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up, Bruce Hanson:
Birch Lane Press, 1993.
6.  Book with an entry about the filming location of An Awfully Big Adventure:
 On Location:  The Film Fan’s Guide to Britain and Ireland, Brian Pendreigh:  Mainstream Publishing, 1995.
(see also entry for Robin Hood Prince of Thieves)
7.  Autobiographical theatre essays by Beryl Bainbridge:
 Front Row Evenings at the Theatre, Beryl Bainbridge:  Continuum:  2005.

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