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Digital Art

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Photography is more than a hobby for me. It's a passion, the way I capture and celebrate life. In this album, I've assembled some of my favorite bird photographs.  My bird photographs are "digiscoped," using a compact digital consumer camera and shooting through a field "spotting" scope, a Kowa TSN-824 fluorite glass model in my case. This is very different even than using a digital SLR camera with high-powered camera lens.  In digiscoping, the scope and camera were not made to work together flawlessly, and there can be many challenges to obtaining a good photo with this method; but when you get the desired result it's especially exciting and gratifying.

Great Egret at Marina Del Rey, CA, 11-8-08 against canal and setting sun.


Black Phoebe against red stucco house; Marina Del Rey, CA.  Taken 11-7-08.


Belted Kingfisher, juvenile on Kellogg Creek, 10-19-08


Below:  My first Bobcat photo, shot in the wild in central California's Panoche Valley; sunning itself beside a ravine. I backed the car away from it, then slid out the opposite side door with my gear, setting it up behind the car. Note a Bobcat has stubby tail, black tip above, and whitish below; and has short black ear tufts.


Western Bluebird, male at Cabin Lk. Oregon 8-5-08


below - 2 photos:  Juvenile Northern Harrier hawk with it's prey, an American Coot.  Taken Sauvie Island, Portland, OR 2-25-08. A frame from this series was published in Wild Bird Magazine in the Sept./Oct. 2008 issue, & is on my linked original web site.



Black-bellied plover, taken at Del Rey Lagoon, Los Angeles 12-17-07.


This is the Black Phoebe, a flycatcher, taken in Marina Del Rey, CA Sept. 3, 2007


The male Western Bluebird, on top, below has molted out of his breeding plumage and so has only a speck of blue on his head. Taken at Cabin Lake, Oregon on Aug. 27, 2007.


White-headed Woodpecker, male, taken at Cabin Lake, OR 8-27-07



The Pinyon Jay in Oregon, only resides in the south half of central Oregon.  It's a three hour trip to find it.


Indigo Bunting, a rare visitor to Oregon, digiscoped June 22, 2007 at Baskett Slough National Wildlife Refuge.


Lewis's Woodpecker photographed at Cabin Lake, OR June 24, 2007



House Wren at Baskett Slough National Wildlife Refuge, Oregon, on June 22, 2007.


The male Lazuli Bunting is one of the prettiest songbirds to visit the PNW.  Of course they wouldn't be here without the presence of females as well!  This fellow's singing for nesting territory and a mate.


Black-headed Grosbeak, male at our feeder 6-8-07.


Savanna Sparrow on Powell Butte, 6-4-07.


First Bittern Photographed!
Today, Mar. 25, 2007 marks my first successful attempt to find and photograph the secretive American Bittern, which often stands still in the marsh grass looking like a branch or sticks.  Taken from Cedar Canyon Rd. at Killin Wetlands near Banks, Oregon. I used my Fuji F-30 "pocket" camera, and Kowa TSN-824 scope with 21-power eyepiece.


Bald Eagle, 3rd year. April 2, 2007, Oaks Bottom, Portland, OR


On a recent trip to So. Cal., I was fortunate to locate some favored perches of this male Allen's Hummingbird.


Belted Kingfisher, male


Varied Thrush, male


House Finch, male


below: Yellow-rumped Warbler, Audubon's race; Powell Butte 5-7-07.


House Sparrow (a non-native species)


Say's Phoebe on a potted lemon tree.


below: Red-winged Blackbird taken Mar. 3, 2007


Northern Flicker, taken on Mar. 3, 2007, Portland, OR