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  1. Moore, Warren. Weapons of the American Revolution & Accoutrements. Promontory, 1967. 225p. Photos. Oversize. F/NF $38
  2. Caruana, Adrian. Light Six Pounder Battalion Gun of 1766. Ottawa: Museum Restoration Svc., 1977. Photos, Line drawings. 72p. Wraps. Fine Copy $20
  3. George Washington's Military Equipment. Mt. Vernon, 1963. 44p. Photos. Wraps. Fine Copy $20
  4. Fuller, Claude. Rifled Musket. Bonanza, 1958. 302p. Photos. Oversize. F/F $30
  5. Poyer, Joe. US Winchester Trench & Riot Guns & Other US Combat Shotguns. North Cape, 1992. 121p. Line drawings. Wraps. Fine Copy $15
  6. Lescee, Tory. Shotgun in Combat. Desert Pub., 1979. 148p. Photos. Illus. Wraps. Fine Copy $14
  7. Walshingham, Lord & Sir Ralph Payne Gallway. Shooting: 2 Vols: Field & Covert + Moor & Marsh. Little, 1886. 357 + 348p. Illus. Chapter on history of gun making. Fine Copy $70
  8. Todd, Frederick. American Military Equipage, 1851-1872, Vol III United States Navy and Marine Corps. Company of Military Historians, 1974. III of 3 vols. As new in shrink wrap. $60
  9. Albaugh, William. Confederate Edged Weapons. Harper, 1960. 1st. 198p. Excellent line drawings of sword hilts. Ex.lib. spine rubbed. number on spine. VG+ $60
  10. Wilson, R. L. Colt Heritage: Official History of Colt Firearms from 1836 to Present. Simon & Schuster, 1979. 345p. Photos. Oversize. Front hinge cracking. VG/VG $40
  11. Parsons, John. Peacemaker & Its Rivals: An Account of the Single Action Colt. Morrow, 1953. 184p. Photos. Spot on front cover o/w Fine/P $85
  12. Williamson, Harold. Winchester: Gun that Won the West. Barnes, 1963. 3d. 494p. Photos. Sunned. Oversize. VG+ $40
  13. Hoffman, Marvin. Museum of Historical Arms. Miami: 1960. 205p. Sales catalogue of antique weapons, photo & description of each item, about 1000+ items. Wraps. Fine Copy $12
  14. O. S. S. O. S. S. Special Weapons, Devices & Equipment. Normount, 1975. 114p. Illus. Reprint of Feb.1945 manual. Large Wraps. Fine Copy $20
  15. Nelson, Thomas. World's Submachine Guns (Machine Pistols). Vol I. International Small Arms Pub., 1963. 739p. Photos. Oversize. Fine/Fair $165
  16. Hogg, Ian. Jane's Infantry Weapons 1985/86. Jane's, 1985. 960p.Photos. Line drawings. Oversize. F/F $100
  17. Laur, Col. Timothy & Llanso. Encyclopedia of Modern US Military Weapons. Berkeley, 1995. 1st US ed. 496p. Photos. Arranged by weapon type; aircraft, arty, vehicles, aerial ord, sensors & electronics, ships. F/F $30
  18. Burrard, Maj. Gerald. Identification of Firearms & Forensic Ballistics. Barnes, 1962. 1st US. 217p. Photos. Fine Copy $35
  19. Ramsey, Lt. H.C. Elementary Naval Ordnance & Gunnery. Little, 1918. 400p. Photos. Spine separated on one side. G $35
  20. Duncan, Robert. (former Chief Physisist). America's Use of Sea Mines. US Naval Ordnance Lab, 1962. 173p. Photos of equip. Covers from about 1800. Fine Copy $45
  21. Todd, Frederick. Soldiers of the American Army 1775-1954. Regenery, 1954. revised ed. 32 Full page color uniform plates by Fritz Kredel. Oversize. Fine Copy $75
  22. Jacobsen, Jacques (ed). Regulations & Notes for the Uniform of the Army of the United States, 1882. Manor Pub., 1971. 32p. Photos. & illustrations. Wraps. NF $15
  23. Nelson, Henry. Illus by H.A. Ogden. Uniforms of the United States Army. Yoseloff, 1959 & 60. 2 vols. Vol I has plates #1-44 and text of original edition, Vol II has plates #45-47 of 1898 & plates #1-23 of 1907 supplement w/ 48p of new text. Very Oversize. both F/VG+ $125
  24. Chappell, Gordon. Search for the Well-Dressed Soldier 1865-90. Arizona Hist. Soc., 1972. 51p. Photos. Also with Brinkerhoff. Boots & Shoes of the Frontier Soldier. 48p. & Brinkerhoff. Metal Uniform Insignia of the Frontier Army 1846-1902. 39p. All underlined, highlighted & disbound in notebook $10
  25. Mollo, Andrew. Armed Forces of World War II: Uniforms, Insignia, & Organization. Crown, 1981. 1st. 312p. Photos, Color Illus. F/F $40
  26. Mollo & McGregor. Army Uniforms of World War II. Blandford, 1981. 4th ed. 183p. color plates. F/F $25
  27. Ford, Brian. Allied Secret Weapons: War of Science. Ballantine Illustrated History of World War II. Ballantine, 1971. 160p. Photos. Wraps. Fine Copy $10
  28. Ford, Brian. German Secret Weapons: Blue Print for Mars. Ballantine Illustrated History of World War II. Ballantine, 1969. 160p. Photos. Wraps. Fine Copy $10
  29. Smyth, Henry. Atomic Energy for Military Purposes. Princeton UP, 1945. 4th. 264p. Photos. First published account of the development of the A-bomb. F/G $30
  30. Smyth, Henry. Atomic Energy for Military Purposes. Princeton UP, 1946. 6th. 308p. Photos. First published account of the development of the A-bomb. VG+ $25
  31. AEC, Los Alamos Scientific Lab. Effects of Atomic Weapons. GPO, 1950. 456p. Photos. Inscribed "Maj. D.C. Armstrong / Operations & Training, AFSWP" Large Wraps. VG+ $40
  32. US Army, HQ 2d Army. Instructional Material for Dissemination of Atomic Energy Information. Phase III. Ft. Meade, c.1950. 51p. 5 lectures on Medico-Biological Effects of Atomic Warfare & Radiological Defense. Wraps. Fine Copy $10

  33. Brown, David. Warrior to Dreadnought: Warship Development 1860-1905. London: Catham, 1997. 224p. Photos. Line drawings. Oversize. F/F $125
  34. Ireland, Bernard. Jane's Battleships of the 20th Century. Harper, 1996. 1st ed. 192p. Photos. Color Illus. / plans. NF/NF $35
  35. Preston, Anthony. Battleships of World War I: Illustrated Encyclopedia of Battleships of all Nations 1914-18. Galahad, 1972. 260p. Photos. Line drawings. F/F $30
  36. Roberts, John (ed). Warship Vol. III. Naval Institute P., 1984. 288p. Photos. Line drawings. Includes issues #9-12. F/F $35
  37. Gray, Randal (ed). Warship Vol VIII. Naval Institute P., 1984. 288p. Photos. Line drawings. Includes issues #29-32. F/F $35
  38. Stillwell, Paul. Battleship New Jersey: Illustrated History . Naval Institute P., 1986. 319p. Photos. Line drawings. F/F $70
  39. Lott & Summerall (ed). USS Texas BB 35. Leeward, 1976. Photos. Folding line drawings. Wraps. Ships data series. Fine Copy $25
  40. Zeitlin, Richard. USS Wisconsin: History of Two Battleships. State Hist. Soc., 1988. 56p. Photos. Wraps. Fine Copy $20
  41. Smith, Myron. Mountaineer Battlewagon: USS West Virginia BB 48. Pictorial Histories, 1985. 48p. Photos. Folding line drawings. Wraps. Fine Copy $18
  42. Power, Hugh. Battleship Texas. Texas A&M, 1993. 1st ed. 141p. Period & recent photos of restored BB. F/F $35
  43. Cates, Lt. Clifton. War History of the USS Pennsylvania BB 38. Seattle: Ships Welfare Fund, c. 1946. 66p. Spiral bound, stiff Wraps. VG+ $175
  44. Brown, David. Tirpitz: Floating Fortress. Naval Institute P., 1978. 2d ed. 160p. Maps & Photos. F/F $35
  45. Fahey, James. Ships & Aircraft of the US Fleet. Naval Institute P., 1985. 3 pamphlets: Two Ocean Fleet Ed. (1941 48p.), War Ed. (1942 64p.) , Victory Ed. (104p. with War losses) in slip case. All Fine $25

  46. US Army (BG George Davis). Military Laws of the US with Supplement Showing Changes to March 1907. GPO, 1908. 1361p. Old leather. Poor. $45
  47. Maj. Morrison & Maj. Munson. Study of Troop Leading & Management of the Sanitary Service in War. Ft Leavenworth, 1910. 245p. Folding map. NF $50
  48. US Army. Army Regulations, 1913. GPO, 1913. W/Changes to #11 1914 bound in, others laid in. VG+ $25
  49. US Army. Regulations for the Army of the US 1913 Corrected to 1917. GPO, 1917. 416p. VG $25
  50. US Navy. Landing Force Manual. GPO, 1927. 703p. Inscribed at USNA by Frank Vannoy as Midshipman, retired as Admiral. Spine darkened. NF $45
  51. Naval Machinery. Naval Institute P., 1937. about 600p. Photos. Line drawings. Fair $15
  52. US Navy. Handbook of the Hospital Corps, USN, 1939. GPO, 1939. 1015p. Photos. yellow paper. VG $20
  53. Daly, H.W. (Chief Packer). Manual of Pack Transportation. Quail Ranch, 1981. Reprint of GPO 1916 ed. 244p. Many Photos. Line drawings. Wraps. Tear in spine o/w Near Fine $25
  54. Moretti, Capt. Onorio. (USA). Notes on Training Field Artillery Details. Yale, 1917. 5th ed. Oct 1917. 275p. many fold out sketch maps. For the most part a compilation of notes kept by Capt. Gruber, Capt. Moretti and Danford while acting as instructors in the course for NCO's at the field artillery school. VG $45
  55. Tactics & Technique of Infantry: Basic Text & Reference Book of Infantry Training. Military Service Pub. Co., 1939. 8th ed. 2 vols in 1. About 600p. Photos. Line drawings. back hinge cracked. VG $20
  56. McComsey & Edwards. Soldier & the Law. Military Service Pub. Co., 1941. 401p. Fine Copy $12
  57. McComsey, Lt. Col. John. Outline of Procedure for Trials Before Courts Martials, US Army: Aid in Academic Instruction. Ft Benning, 1941. 88p. Wraps. VG $5
  58. US Army. TM 9-280 US Rifle, Caliber .22, M1922, M1922 M1 & M2. 1940. 53p. Photos. Spine OD cloth tape. (appears to be original reinforcement). o/w VG+ $45
  59. US Army. TM 30-255 Military Dictionary: English-German & German-English. 1941. 709p. Fine Copy $40
  60. US Army. TM 30-490 German-English Glossary: Technical Communication Terms. Restricted. 1943. 208p.Wraps. Fine Copy $30
  61. Infantry School. Conference Course: Training Bulletin #2: Infantry Weapons. Ft. Benning, 1941. 46p. Photos. Wraps. Fine Copy $15
  62. US Army, Army Ground Forces. Tank & Armored Reconnaissance Unit Training Program. Ft Knox. 7/1943. 6000 printed. Large Wraps. Fine Copy $30
  63. US Army. Elements of Military Hygiene. Carlisle: Medical Field Svc. School, 1942. 272p. Photos. Prepared for USMA. 1500 copies printed. NF $25
  64. US Army. FM 25-10 Motor Transport. 1942. 264p. Photos. Line drawings. VG $25
  65. (US Army). US Army Standard Military Vehicles 1943. TM 9-2800. Gresham, 1979. 556p. Photos. VG $30
  66. US Army. TM 8-220 Medical Department: Soldier's Handbook. 1941. 485p. Photos. Fine Copy $25
  67. (US Army). Military Medical Manual. Military Service Pub. Co., 1942. 5th. 1007p. Photos. VG+ $25
  68. USMA. Strategic & Critical Raw Materials. USMA, 1942. 49p. Folding maps. Wraps. Fine Copy $20
  69. USMA. Notes on Combat Maneuvers. USMA, 1942. 26p. Folding maps. Wraps. Fine Copy $25
  70. US Army. Officers' Guide. Military Service Pub. Co., 1942. 8th ed. Fine Copy $15
  71. US Army. Officers' Guide. Military Service Pub. Co., 1942. 9th ed. 499p. Photos. Color plates of insignia. F/VG+ $15
  72. US Army. TM 12-225 Administration. 1942. 455p. Fine Copy $18
  73. US Army. TM 12-250 Administration. 1942. 455p. VG $10
  74. US Army. TM 12-255 Administrative Procedures with Change 1. 1942. 224p. Fine Copy $15
  75. US Army. TM 12-252 Army Clerk. 1943. 319p. Fine Copy $15
  76. US Army. FM 19-20 Criminal Investigation. 1945. 358p. Photos. w/ change 1&2. water wrinkled, soiled $5
  77. US Army. FM 4-110 Antiaircraft Artillery Gunnery. 1943. 210p. Photos. Fine Copy $45
  78. Munson, Col. Edward. Leadership for American Army Leaders. Infantry Journal P., 1944. 97p. Wraps. G+ $20
  79. (US Army). New Soldier's Handbook. Infantry Journal P., 1947. 312p. binding broken. G $10
  80. US Army. TM 11-2632 Remote Control Equipment RC 261. 1944. 32p. Photos. Fine Copy $20
  81. US Army. TM 11-605 Radio Set SCR 509 & 510. 1943. 133p. Photos. Fine Copy $35
  82. US Army. FM 23-82 106mm Rifle M 40. 1955. 239p. Photos. Fine Copy $30
  83. US Army. FM 23-85 60mm Mortar M-19. 1950. 380p. Photos. NF $30
  84. US Army. FM 23-5 US Rifle cal. .30 M-1. 1951. 540p. Photos. NF $35
  85. US Army. FM 23-5 US Rifle cal. .30 M-1. 1958. 382p. Photos. Fine Copy $30
  86. US Army. FM 23-35 Pistols & Revolvers. 1946. 205p. Photos. Fine Copy $30
  87. US Army. FM 23-35 Pistols & Revolvers. 1953. 275p. Photos. Fine Copy $30
  88. US Army. FM 23-35 Pistols & Revolvers. 1960. 157p. Photos. Fine Copy $30
  89. US Army. FM 23-55 Browning Machine Gun cal. .30 M1917A1, A4, A4E1, M1919A6, M37. 1955. 462p. Photos. Fine Copy $45
  90. Smithsonian. Survival on Land & Sea. USN, ONI. 1944. 187p. Illus. Small Wraps. Inscribed "Lt. T.W. Battle, USN". Fine Copy $25
  91. AAF, Tactical Center. Survival: On Land, At Sea. Training Aids Div, AAF, 1945. 76p. Illus. Wraps. Fair. $10
  92. Virtue, Lt. Col. C.M. Company Administration Including Supply & Mess Management & Personnel Records. Military Service Pub. Co., 1951. 20th. 474p. VG+ $18
  93. Virtue, Lt. Col. C.M. Company Administration Including Supply & Mess Management & Personnel Records. Military Service Pub. Co., 1952. 21st. 424p. VG+ $18
  94. US Army. TC 36 Tank Gunnery 90mm Gun Tank M-47. 1952. Restricted. 57p. Wraps. Back cover damaged. VG $45
  95. Armor School. Psychology of Leadership. Special Text #27. Ft Knox, 1948. 142p. "For resident instruction". Wraps. Fine Copy $15
  96. Armor School. Leadership. Special Text #36 (revised). Ft Knox, 1948. 112p. Wraps. "For resident instruction". Fine Copy $15
  97. Armor School. History & Role of Armor. Ft Knox, 1955. 41p. Photos. Wraps. Fine Copy $10
  98. Armor School. Abstracts of Committee Research Reports: Armored Officer Advanced Class, 1951-52. Ft. Knox, 1952. About 500p. Restricted. 40 reports condensed. Large Wraps. Fine Copy $35
  99. US Army. FM 5-34 Engineer Field Data. 1956. 330p. Wraps. Fine Copy $15
  100. US Navy. Aviation Ordnanceman's Manual (AO) NAVAER 00-80T-65. CNO for Naval Air Reserve, 1958. 700p. Photos. Line drawings. In original soft binder. Fine Copy $70
  101. US Navy. Landing Party Manual, 1960. OPNAV P 34-03 w/ Change 1 Incorporated. GPO, 1965. 655p. Photos. Oversize. Large Wraps. NF $30
  102. US Army, Marksmanship Training Unit. Rifle Instructors & Coaches Guide. Ft. Benning, 1965. 113p. Photos. Wraps. Fine Copy $22
  103. US Army, HQ US Continental Army Command. Training: Guide for Commanders of Company Sized Units. USCONARC #350-11. Ft. Monroe, 1966. 377p. Wraps. Fine Copy $15
  104. US Army, Inf. School. Soldier Management & Morale. Ft. Benning, 1966. 22p. Wraps. Fine Copy $5
  105. US Army. FM 1-40 Attack Helicopter Gunnery. 1969. About 200p. Photos. Much technical details of weapons. Fine Copy $85
  106. US Army, Infantry School. Battalion Weapons Training Packet. Ft. Benning. 1970. About 100p. Photos. Large Wraps. Fine Copy $15
  107. US Army, Infantry School. STANO Reference Guide (Interim). Ft. Benning. 1970. Surveillance Target Acquisition & Night Observation Large Wraps. 46p. Fine Copy $20
  108. US Army, Infantry School. Infantry Communications Data. Ft. Benning. 1970. About 150p. Photos. Large Wraps. Fine Copy $30
  109. US Army, Infantry School. Infantry Reference. Ft. Benning. 1970. 2 vols. About 500p. Tables of organization. Large Wraps. Fine Copy $50
  110. 2d Armored Division. Command Guidelines. 1958. 78p. Large Wraps. Fine Copy $18

  111. Hall & Niles. One Man's War: Story of the Lafayette Escadrille. Holt, 1929. 353p. Photos. NF $95
  112. (Grider, John). War Birds: Diary of an Unknown Aviator. Doran, 1926. 277p. Color illus. by Clayton Knight. This is the large ed. NF $60
  113. Rickenbacker, Edward. Rickenbacker. Prentice, 1967. 5th. 458p. Photos. F/NF $20
  114. Jackson, Robert. Fighter Pilots of World War I. St Martins, 1977. 158p. BCE F/F $10
  115. US Navy. Naval Aviation: Textbook for Midshipmen, 1934. Naval Institute P., 1933. 88p. Photos. VG $40
  116. Hess, W.N. Allied Aces of World War II. Arco, 1966. 64p. Photos. Fine Copy $25
  117. Hess, W.N. American Aces of World War II & Korea. Arco, 1968. 64p. Photos. Large Wraps. NF $15
  118. Lyall, Gavin (ed). War in the Air: Royal Air Force in World War II. Morrow, 1969. 424p. Photos. BCE F/NF $10
  119. Townsend, Peter. Duel of Eagles. Simon & Schuster, 1970. 7th 480p. Photos. Battle of Britain. NF $20
  120. Johnson, David. London Blitz: City Ablaze, December 29, 1940. Scarborough, 1980. 217p. Maps & Photos. Large Wraps. Fine Copy $12
  121. Blunt, Flt Lt. V.E.R. (RAF). Use of Air Power. Comment by Winston Churchill. Military Service Pub. Co., 1943. 1st US. ed. 162p. Churchill's comment is 5 pages. F/NF $20
  122. US AAF. Pilots' Information File. Restricted. Nov. 1944 with revisions to May 1945. About 150p. photos of equip. Stiff Wraps. Covers lightly soiled, cloth tape abraded at lower extremity. $85
  123. US AAF, 3d Bomber Comd. Flight Training Directive for B-29 Superfortress Combat Crews. McDill Field, April 1945. Stenciled text in binder w/ illustrated cover. about 70p. VG+ $125
  124. US AAF, Flexible Gunnery School. Base Regulations. Las Vegas: LVAAF, July 1944. Flying edition. about 150p. Wraps. stenciled w/ decorated cover. Maps. NF $50
  125. US AAF. Operations Memoranda. Las Vegas: LVAAF, March 1944. wraps. stenciled w/ decorated cover. VG $45
  126. Craven & Cate. Army Air Forces in World War II. Vol II. Europe: Torch to Point Blank. Chicago UP, 1949. 897p. maps, Photos. Fine Copy $55
  127. Craven & Cate. Army Air Forces in World War II. Vol IV. Pacific: Guadalcanal to Saipan, Aug. 1942-July 1944. Chicago UP, 1950. 825p. maps, Photos. Fine Copy $55
  128. Davis, Maj. Fred. (ed). History of the Fifth Bomb Group (Heavy): History of the Bomber Barons of the 13th "Jungle" Air Force. Hillsbourough, 1946. about 100p. maps, Photos. Equipped with B-24's. Fine Copy $300
  129. Hansell, Maj. Gen. Haywood. Air Plan that Defeated Hitler. Atlanta: Higgins, 1972. 311p. Maps. F/NF $50
  130. Morrison, Wilbur. Fortress Without a Roof. St Martins, 1982. 369p. Photos. BCE F/F $10
  131. McKee, Alexander. Dresden: Devil's Tinderbox. Dutton, 1984. 1st ed. 334p. Photos. F/F $35
  132. Jablonski, Edward. Flying Fortress: Illustrated Biography of the B-17s and the Men Who Flew Them. Doubleday, 1965. 362p. Photos. F/NF $30
  133. Cockley, Peter. Flying Bomb: Story of Hitler's V Weapons in World War II. Scribner, 1979. 209p. maps, Photos. F/F $45
  134. Cohen, Stan. Destination Tokyo: Pictorial History of Doolittle's Tokyo Raid 1942. Pictorial Histories, 1983. 120p. maps, Photos. Large Wraps. Fine Copy $18
  135. Glass & Buell. Hornets & Their Heroic Men. USS Hornet Club, 1992. 127p. Large Wraps. Anthology of reminiscences. Fine Copy $18
  136. Whittaker, Lt. James (USN). We Thought We Heard the Angels Sing. Dutton, 1948. 17th. 139p. Author was shot down with Rickenbacker in South Pacific. SIGNED. F/NF $40
  137. Walton, Frank. Once They Were Eagles: Men of the Black Sheep Squadron. Kentucky, 1986. 213p. Photos. Written by the squadron intelligence officer. F/F $30
  138. Martinez, Mario. Lady's Men: Saga of Lady Be Good & Her Crew, a Haunting Story of the Second World War. Naval Institute P., 1995. 1st ed. 196p. Photos. B-24 crashed in desert after raid on Naples 1943. F/F $25
  139. Kerr, E. Bartlett. Flames Over Tokyo: US AAF Incendiary Campaign Against Japan 1944-45. Donald Fine, 1991. 1st. 348p. Photos. F/F $25
  140. Janis, Irving. Air War & Emotional Stress: Psychological Studies of Bombing & Civilian Defense. A Rand Corp. Study. McGraw, 1951. 280p. VG+/VG+ $35
  141. Cleveland & Graham. Aviation Annual of 1944. Doubleday, 1943. 1st. 224p. Photos. Fine Copy $45
  142. Arnold. Gen. Henry H. Global Mission. Harper, 1949. 626p. lettering on spine rubbed o/w NF $35
  143. Lord Tedder. With Prejudice. Little, 1966. 1st US ed. 692p. Photos. F/F $55
  144. Tedder, Marshal. Air Power in the War: Lee Knoles Lectures. London: Hodder, c.1947. 125p. Maps. Lessons of World War II. spine sunned. VG+ $20
  145. Drendel, Lou. Air War in Vietnam. Acro, 1968. 95p. Photos. NF $15
  146. Futrell, Robert. US Air Force Southeast Asia: Advisory Years to 1965. GPO, 1981. 398p. maps, Photos. Fine Copy $28
  147. Ballard, Jack. Development of Fixed-Wing Gunships, 1962-72. GPO, 1982. 325p. Maps & Photos. Line drawings. Fine Copy $35
  148. Schneider, Maj Donald. Air Force Heroes in Vietnam. USAF in SE Asia Monograph Vol VII #9. GPO, 1985. 86p. maps, Photos. Wraps. Fine Copy $18
  149. Dorn, Robert. Vietnam Mig Killers: Deadly Duel Over Vietnam. Motorbooks, 1988. 1st. 128p. color Photos. Signed. F/F $40
  150. Chesley, Capt. Larry (USAF). Seven Years in Hanoi: POW Tells his Story. Bookcraft, 1973. 1st ed. 158p. Photos. F/VG $29
  151. Puryear, Edgar. George S. Brown, Gen. USAF. Destined for Stars. Presidio, 1983. 306p. F/F $20

  152. Photograph, period wood frame. Unidentified US Spanish-American War period armored cruiser. Beam view. At anchor with launch along side. Awning up on aft deck. Crew standing on both fore & aft decks. Sight size 7 3/4 X 5", Overall 11 3/4 X 9 3/4" NF $75
  153. US Navy. Dictionary of American Fighting Ships. Vol IV. L-M + Appendices: Amphibious ships, Aviation Auxiliaries, DD Tenders, Ships of the Line. GPO, 1969. 745p. Photos. Ex. lib. Back hinge cracked $30
  154. Castner & Curran. Warships of the US Navy which Made Trial Trips with Pocahontas Coal. 1896. 13 leaves. Photos. Wraps. Covers separated. $60
  155. Fleet at San Francisco. Decorated cover. Folding panoramic photo of fleet entering through the Golden Gate. Photos of Ships & City c. 1907. (shortly after the earthquake) Some tears in panoramic view. About 30-60p. $75
  156. C.S. Hammond & Co. US Navy Illustrated. NY: 1917. Photos of ships. Wraps. VG $45
  157. Kitchener & Pierce. Fighting Bob & His Boys in Song & Picture: Programme. Oakland, 1908. About 15 leaves. Wraps. $45
  158. US Navy. Alphabetized Index to General Orders, Circulars Etc. of the Navy Department, 1863-1881. 36p. Rear cover separated. G $45
  159. US Navy. Alphabetized Index to General Orders, Circulars Etc. of the Navy Department, 1863-1881. 36p. Wraps. chipped. G+ $35
  160. Stivers, Reuben. Privateers & Volunteers: Men & Women of Our Reserve Naval Forces, 1766-1866. Naval Institute P., 1975. 1st ed. 502p. Fine Copy $30
  161. Clark, Capt. George et al. Short History of the United States Navy. Lippincott, 1916. 5th ed. 505p. Maps. Academy text: lesson plan on front end papers, some underlining. VG $25
  162. Westcott, Allan (ed). American Sea Power Since 1775. Lippincott, 1947. 609p. maps, Photos. rubbed. VG $18
  163. Morris, Charles. Nation's Navy: Our Ships & Their Achievements. Lippincott, 1898. 333p. maps, Photos. Decorated cover. 1/3 history to beginning of 1898 war, remainder is description of contemporary ships & their technical development. NF $60
  164. Sprout, Harold. Toward a New Order of Sea Power: American Naval Policy & the World Scene 1918-1922. Princeton UP, 1946. 3d. 336p. Maps. Pencil underlines o/w Fine Copy $25
  165. Love, Robert (ed). Chiefs of Naval Operations. Naval Institute P., 1980. 1st ed. 448p. Photos. 19 bios. F/F $30
  166. Swanson, Carl. Predators & Prizes: American Privateering & Imperial Warfare 1739-48. South Carolina UP, 1991. 297p. Photos. F/F $30
  167. Millar, John. Building Early American Warships: Journal of the Rhode Island Committee for Constructing Continental Frigates Providence & Warren, 1775-7. Thirteen Colonies P., 1988. 174p. Photos. Line drawings. Wraps. Fine Copy $15
  168. Horgan, Capt. Thomas. Old Ironsides: Story of USS Constitution. Burdett, 1963. 102p. photos from contemporary sources & on board visit. NF/VG $25
  169. Forester, C.S. Age of Fighting Sail: Story of Naval War of 1812. Doubleday, 1956. 284p. spine smoked/soiled o/w VG+ $25
  170. Beach, Capt. Edward. Wreck of the Memphis. Holt, 1966. 1st ed. 312p. US Cruiser destroyed by a tidal wave in Santo Domingo harbor 1916. CO was the author's father. F/P $20
  171. Beach, Capt. Edward. Around the World Submerged: Voyage of the Triton. Holt, 1962. 2d ed. 293p. Photos. F/NF $20
  172. Weir, Gary. Forged in War: Naval-Industrial Complex & American Submarine Construction 1940-61. GPO, 1993. Photos. F/F $30
  173. USS Los Angeles, CA 135: Western Pacific Cruise 1962-3. Japan: Dai Nippon, n.d. 160p. Photos. Fine Copy $65
  174. Ingalls Ship Building Div., Litton Industries. Christening of Saipan (LHA-2) July 20, 1974. 26 8 X 10" photos of ceremonies in spiral binder. Copy of V. Adm. R.W. Vannoy. Fine Copy $50
  175. US Naval Academy. Lucky Bag, 1938. About 500p. Photos. Oversize. NF $70
  176. US Naval Academy. Lucky Bag, 1938. About 500p. Photos. VG Cover soiled. Oversize. $70
  177. US Naval Academy. Lucky Bag, 1939. About 500p. Photos. Copy of Frank Vannoy (retired V. Adm.) Wear to top & bottom of spine. Oversize. VG $80

  178. Hamersly, Thomas. Records of Living Officers of the United States Army. Hammersley, 1884. 478p. Water damaged, boards warped. $175
  179. Hardy, Gordon (ed). Above & Beyond: History of the Medal of Honor from the Civil War to Vietnam. Boston Pub., 1985. 1st ed. Oversize. 346p. Maps & Photos. F/F $25
  180. Esposito, Vincent. West Point Atlas of American Wars. Praeger, 1959. 2 vols. Vol I covers to 1900, Vol II covers WW I & II & Korean War. Color maps with facing page of text. Oversize. NF in taped box. $145
  181. Esposito, Vincent. West Point Atlas of American Wars. Praeger, 1959. 2 vols. Vol I covers to 1900, Vol II covers WW I & II & Korean War. Color maps with facing page of text. Oversize. Fine Copy in poor box (missing end). $135
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