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  1. Marshal, S.L.A. American Heritage History of World War I. S&S, 1964. 384p. Maps & Photos. Oversize. F/NF $18
  2. Goodspeed, D.J. German War 1914-45. London: Orbis, 1977. 561p. Maps. F/NF $18
  3. Goodspeed, D.J. German War 1914-45. Bonanza. 1985. 561p. F/F $12
  4. Herwig & Heyman. Biographical Dictionary of World War I. Greenwood, 1982. 1st ed. 424p. Oversize. $80
  5. MacDonald, Lyn. 1914: First Months of Fighting. Atheneum, 1988. 446p. Maps & Photos. Experience of the British soldier in WW I. F/F $30
  6. Blond, George. Marne. Ginier/Stackpole, 1966 1st US ed. 256p. Photos. F $30
  7. MacDonald, Lyn. 1915: Death of Innocence. Holt, 1995. 1st ed. 625p. Maps. F/F $30
  8. Barrie, Alexander. War Underground: Tunnelers of the Great War. London: Donovan, 1993. Reprint of 1962 ed. 272p. Photos. F/F $35
  9. MacDonald, Lyn. They Called it Passchendaele: Story of the Third Battle of Ypres & of the Men Who Fought it. London: Joseph, 1984. 4th ed. 253p. Maps & Photos. F/F $30
  10. Michelin. Michelin's Illustrated Guides to the Battlefields 1914-18. Verdun & Battles for Its Possession. 112p. Maps & Photos. VG+ $25
  11. Wolff, Leon. In Flanders Fields: 1917 Campaign. Viking, 1958. 1st ed. 308p. Maps & Photos. F/VG $22
  12. Palmer, Alan. Gardeners of Salonika: Macedonian Campaign 1915-18. London: Deutsch, 1965. 286p. Photos. marginalia on 1 page o/w NF/G $45
  13. Barker, A.J. Bastard War: Mesopotamian Campaign of 1914-18. Dial, 1967. 1st ed. 449p. Maps & Photos. VG+ $35
  14. Falls, Cyril. Armageddon 1918. Lippincott, 1964. 1st ed. 200p. Map. Battle in Palestine, T.E. Lawrence, last cavalry action. F/NF $25
  15. Braddon, Russell. The Siege. Viking, 1970. 352p. Maps & Photos. Siege of British troops at Kut in 1916. F/F $25
  16. Young, Peter. Arab Legion. Osprey, 1972. 40p. Photos. Illus. Wraps. $10
  17. Cooper, Brian. Battle of Cambrai. Stein & Day, 1968. 1st ed. 243p. Maps & Photos. F/NF $30
  18. Sibley, Maj. J.R. Tanganyikan Guerrilla: East African Campaign 1914-18. Ballantine, 1971. 160p. Maps & Photos. Wraps. F $10
  19. Farwell, Byron. Great War in Africa 1914-18. Norton, 1986. 382p. Photos. BCE, same as regular ed. F/F $15
  20. Miller, Charles. Battle of the Bandu: World War I in East Africa. MacMillan, 1974. 1st ed. 353p. Maps & Photos. F/F $35
  21. Page, Arthur. Our 110 Days Fighting. Doubleday, 1920. 283p. Maps. 2 Folding maps laid in. Survey of US Army Ops. Back hinge cracking, top of spine frayed. VG $35
  22. Lincoln, W. Bruce. Passage Through Armageddon: Russians in War & Revolution. 1914-18. S&S, 1986. 1st ed. 637p. Photos. F/NF $25
  23. Kennan, George. Soviet-American Relations 1917-20. Vol. I. Russia Leaves the War. Princeton UP, 1956. 544p. Photos. Pencil underlining. o/w VG $18
  24. Jukes, Geoffrey. Carpathian Disaster: Death of an Army. Ballantine, n.d. 160p. Maps & Photos. Brussilov Offensive, 1916. VG+ $8
  25. Nutting, Anthony. Lawrence of Arabia: Man & the Movie. Bramhall House, 1961. 256p. Photos. NF/NF $12
  26. Lawrence, T.E. Revolt in the Desert. Doran, 1927. 1st US. 335p. Folding map. NF $70
  27. Fitzherbert, Margaret. Man Who Was Greenmatle: Biography of Aubrey Herbert. London: Murray, 1983. 2d ed. 250p. Photos. France 1914 with Irish Guards, Gallipoli, Kut, T.E. Lawrence. Marginalia. Slightly bowed. VG/NF $30
  28. Drage, Charles. General of Fortune: Story of One Arm Sutton. London: White Lion, 1973. 265p. Maps & Photos. Reprint of 1963 ed. Lost Arm at Gallipoli, later in China. NF/VG $25
  29. Robertson, Field Marshal William. Soldiers and Statesmen 1914-18. Scribner, 1926. Vol. I only of 2. Photos. F $30
  30. Burdick, Charles. Japanese Siege of Tsingtau. Archon, 1976. 1st ed. 274p. Photos. Jacket rubbed. NF/VG $100
  31. Burdick, Charles. Japanese Siege of Tsingtau. Archon, 1976. 1st ed. 274p. Photos. Ex. lib. Rear end paper torn, # on spine. VG $50
  32. Tuchman, Barbara. Zimmerman Telegram. MacMillan, 1966. 2d ed. 244p. Codebreaking, intelligence. F $18
  33. Powell, E. Alexander. War on All Fronts: Vol. IV. Italy at War & the Allies in the West. Scribner, 1917. 291p. Maps & Photos. Fair $10
  34. Witcover, Jules. Sabotage at Black Tom: Imperial Germany's Secret War in America 1914-17. Algonquin, 1989. 1st ed. 339p. Photos. F/F $25
  35. Abbot, Willis. Nations at War: A Current History. Leslie-Judge, 1917. 338p. Photos. Back hinge cracked, wear at extremities o/w VG $15
  36. Abbot, Willis. Nations at War. Leslie-Judge, 1918. 328p. Poor $5
  37. Duncan-Clark, S.J. History's Greatest War: Pictorial Narrative. N.p., 1919. 352p. yellow paper VG $10
  38. Hickey & Smith. Seven Days to Disaster: Sinking of the Lusitania. Putnam, 1981. 1st ed. 336p. Photos. F/F $20
  39. Hough, Richard. Great War at Sea, 1914-18. Oxford, 1989. 353p. Maps & Photos. Large Wraps. VG $10
  40. Hoehling, A.A. Great War at Sea: History of Naval Actions 1914-18. Galahad, 1965. Ex. lib. NF $18
  41. Hoyt, Edwin. Swan of the East: Life & Death of the German Cruiser Emden in World War I. MacMillan, 1968. 1st ed. 200p. Abridged ed. of "Last Cruise of the Emden". F/NF $25
  42. McLaughlin, Redmond. Escape of the Goben: Prelude to Gallipoli. Seeley Svc, 1974. 1st ed. 180p. Maps & Photos. F/F $25
  43. Bacon, Adm. Reginald. Concise History of the Dover Patrol. London: Hutchinson. 1932. 320p. Folding map. Top of spine worn, back cover water mottled $45
  44. Beresford, Lord. Memoirs of Admiral Lord Charles Berestford. Little, 1914. 2d ed. 2 vols. Midshipman in 1864. Decorated covers. Back hinge of Vol. II cracked o/w NF $75

  45. Stanton, Shelby. Order of Battle: US Army in World War II. Presidio, 1984. 621p. photos. Valuable reference: by Div., Regt, Bn & branch of service. Oversize. F/VG+ $150
  46. Kahn & McLemore. Fighting Divisions: History of each US Army Combat Division in World War II. Zenger, 1980. 218p. maps. 8 color plates of division insignia. Brief history of each division's operations. 3 pages highlighted o/w NF $20
  47. Kahn & McLemore. Fighting Divisions: History of each US Army Combat Division in World War II. Zenger, 1980. 218p. maps. 8 color plates of division insignia. Brief history of each division's operations F/NF $25
  48. US Seventh Army. Report of Operations in France & Germany 1944-45. Restricted. Heidleberg, 1946. 3 vols. Many color foldout maps, photos. Copy of Wendel C. Philippi. Oversize. NF $400
  49. Forty, George. Patton's Third Army at War. London: Arms & Armour, 1990. 192p. Photos. F/F $25
  50. Houston, Donald. Hell on Wheels: 2d Armored Division. Presidio, 1977. 466p. maps, Photos. F/NF $65
  51. Frankel & Smith. Patton's Best: Informal History of the 4th Armored Division. Hawthorn, 1978. 198p. Photos. BCEF/F $15
  52. Hofmann, G.F. Super Sixth: History of the 6th Armored Division. Div. Assoc, 1975. 512p. maps & photos. Jacket foxed F/VG+ $200
  53. Reichelt, Walter. Phantom Nine: 9th Armored Division 1942-5. TX: Presdial, 1987. 327p. photos, folding Maps. Signed. F/F $95
  54. Nichols, Lester. Impact: History of the 10th Armored Division. Bradbury, 1964. 325p. maps, Photos. NF $155
  55. Pay, D.R. Thunder from Heaven: Story of 17th Airborne Division, 1943-45. Battery P., 1980. 2d ed. Reprint of 1947 ed. 179p. Photos. Fine $55
  56. Balkoski, Joseph. Beyond the Beachhead: 29th Division in Normandy. Stackpole, 1989. 1st. 304p. maps, Photos. F/F $30
  57. Bishop, Capt. David. Combat History of the 44th Infantry Division 1944-45. Love, c. 1945. 178 leaves. Slightly shaken o/w VG $200
  58. Wessman, Lt. Sinto et al. 66th Division: Black Panthers. Battery P., n.d. c.1980. Reprint of 1946. 175p. Photos. Fine $60
  59. Sanders, Jacquin. Night Before Christmas. Putnam, 1963. 320p. Troop ship with elements of the 66th Div. Torpedoed in Channel on way to France. F/VG $45
  60. Briggs,Richard. Black Hawks Over the Danube: History of the 86th Infantry Division in World War II. Western Recorder: 1954. 127p. photos. F $60
  61. Dawson, Forrest. Saga of the All American (82d Airborne Division). Battery P., n.d. Reprint of 1946 ed. about 200p. photos. Oversize. Fine $65
  62. Delaney, John. Blue Devils in Italy: History of the 88th Division in World War II. IJP, 1947. lst. Ed. 359p. maps, photos. ffep clipped o/w VG+ $80
  63. Colby, John. War from the Ground Up: 90th Division in World War II. Nortex, 1991. 561p. Maps & Photos. F/F $100
  64. Rappaport & Northwood. Rendezvous With Destiny: History of the 101st Airborne Division. Div. Assoc., 1965. Enlarged Edition. 830p. maps, photos. Last chapter covers postwar era. Fine $125
  65. Devlin, Gerard. Paratrooper: Saga of US Army & Marine Corps Parachute & Glider Combat Troops During World War II. St. Martins, 1979. 717p. Maps & Photos. BCE F/F $20
  66. Breuer, William. Geronimo! American Paratroopers in World War II. St. Martins, 1989. 1st ed. 621p. Photos. F/F $35
  67. Breuer, William. Geronimo! American Paratroopers in World War II. St. Martins, 1989. 1st ed. 621p. Photos. Ex. lib. with pocket NF/NF $20
  68. Dank, Milton. Glider Gang: Eyewitness History of World War II in Glider Combat. London: Cassell, 1978. 1st ed. 273p. Maps & Photos. Glider ops in ETO 1940-45. F/F $40
  69. Biggs, Lt. Col. Bradley. Triple Nickels: America's First All Black Paratrooper Unit. Archon, 1986. 92p. Photos. Ex. lib. pocket & label. NF/NF $20
  70. Ambrose, Stephen. Band of Brothers: E Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne Division from Normandy to Hitler's Eagle's Nest. S&S, 1992. 335p. Photos. F/F $45
  71. Ambrose, Stephen. Band of Brothers: E Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne Division from Normandy to Hitler's Eagle's Nest. Touchstone, 1992. 335p. Photos. Large Wraps. F $10
  72. Angier, John. A 4Fer Goes to War with the 100th Infantry Division. WW II Monogram 225. Merrian, 1997. 63p. Photos. 1st person account: Battlefield commission. Large Wraps. Fine $25
  73. Duus, Masayo. Unlikely Liberators: Men of the 100th (Battalion)& 442d (Regiment). U. Hawaii, 1987. 2d ed. 259p. Japanese-American units; 442d most decorated unit in WW II. F/F $30
  74. Chernitsky, Dorothy (ed). Voices from the Foxholes by Men of the 110th Infantry in World War II. P.P. , 1991. 404p. Wraps. Reminiscences collected at reunions of the 28th Div. Signed. W/ letter from editor. Fine $75
  75. Leinbaugh & Campbell. Men of Company K. Morrow, 1985. 331p. Maps & Photos. 333 Inf/ 84th Div. BCE NF/F $12
  76. Cawthon, Charles. Other Clay: A Remembrance of World War II Infantry. U. Colorado, 1990. 180p. Maps & Photos. Author was platoon -Battalion CO in 2/116 infantry/29th Div. F/F $30
  77. Chirco, Mike. Proud to be a Railsplitter. P.P. , 1998. 212p. Maps. Member of the 84th Division. Signed. F/F $50
  78. Giles, Janice. Damned Engineers. Houghton, 1970 1st ed. 409p. maps & photos. Story of 291st Eng. Bn. in Bulge. Inscribed by Charles B. MacDonald, US official historian & author of Company Commander. Front hinge cracking, pencil annotations o/w VG $125
  79. Pergin, Col. David. First Across the Rhine: 291 Engineer Combat Battalion in France, Belgium & Germany. Atheneum, 1989. 337p. maps, Photos. BCE, same as regular ed. F/F $20
  80. Cookridge, E.H. Set Europe Ablase. Crowell, 1967. 1st US ed. SOE sabotage ops in ETO. British title " Inside SOE". F/VG $30
  81. Trenowden, Ian. Operations Most Secret: SOE, the Malayan Theatre. London: Kimber, 1978. 231p. Maps & Photos. Force 136 Group B. F/F $30
  82. Adamson, Ian. Forgotten Men. London: Bell, 1965. 193p. Maps. 204 Military Mission: Commandos in War time China. F/F $45
  83. Farran, Roy. Operation Tombola. London: Arms & Armour, 1986. 256p. Maps. Special Forces Library. SAS operations in Northern Italy, 1945; author was CO of the operation. F/F $25
  84. Burhans, Lt. Col. Robert. 1st Special Service Force: War History of the North Americans, 1942-44. Battery P., 1978. 376p. Maps & Photos. NF $75
  85. Altieri, James. Spearheaders. Bobbs, 1960. 1st. 319p. photos. Altieri was CO F Company, 4th Ranger Battalion. Darby's Rangers. F/F $50
  86. Ogburn, Charlton. The Marauders. Harper, 1959. 307p. Photos. 301p. maps, photos. History of Merrill's Marauders in Burma. BCE VG $10
  87. Peniakoff, Lt. Col. Vladimir. (Popski's) Private Army. London: Cape, 1950. 1st ed. 512p. folding color maps. Behind German lines in N. Africa & Italy. F $50
  88. Peliakoff, Lt. Col. Vladimir. Popski's Private Army. BCE F/F $15
  89. Macksey, Kenneth. Commando: Hit and Run Combat in World War II. Scarborough, 1990. 1st ed. 227p. Maps & Photos. F/NF $20
  90. Combined Operations: Official Story of the Commandos. MacMillan, 1943. 155p. Maps & Photos. VG+ $15
  91. Ladd, James. Commandos & Rangers of World War II. St. Martins, 1978 1st US. 288p. photos. Maps F/F $28
  92. McKie, Ronald. Heroes. (Australian Classics) London: Angus & Robertson, 1982. 235p. Maps. Raids on Singapore: Operations Jaywick & Rimau. Reprint of 1960 ed. F/F $20
  93. Lewis, Jon. True Stories of the Elite Forces. Carroll, 1993. 227p. anthology from WW II to Falklands. Large Wraps. F $7
  94. MacClosky, Brig. Gen. Monro. Alert the 5th Force: Counter Insurgency, Unconventional Warfare, & Psychological Operations of the US Air Force Special Air Warfare. Rosen, 1969. 1st ed. 130p. Photos. Fine/NF rubbed jacket $30
  95. Wheeler, Maj. William. Road to Victory: History of Hampton Roads/ Port of Embarkation in World War II. Newport News, 1946. 2 vols. Many Photos. NF $75
  96. Historical & Pictorial Review of Station Complement, Camp Livingston, Louisiana, 1942. Army-Navy, 1941. Embossed covers. VG $30
  97. Central Signal Corps Replacement Training Center, Camp Crowder. St Louis, Everett, c. 1944. Spiral bound in embossed covers. Autographs of the trainees. F $35

  98. US War Dept, Hist. Div. St. Lo: July, 1944. Army Forces in Action Series. GPO, 1947. 1st ed. 128p. Photos, 7 Foldout Maps. large wraps. NFine $35
  99. US War Dept, Hist. Div. Utah Beach to Cherbourg, June 1944. Army Forces in Action Series. GPO, 1948. 213p. maps, Photos. 14 Foldout Maps. Large Wraps. NF $40
  100. US War Dept, Hist. Div. Omaha Beachhead: 6-13 June 1944. Army Forces in Action Series. GPO, c.1945. 167p. Maps, Photos. 16 Foldout Maps. Large Wraps. NF $35
  101. Garland & Smith. Sicily & The Surrender of Italy. GPO, c. 1990. Reprint of 1965 ed. As new in shrink wrap. Large Wraps. $20
  102. Fisher, Ernest. Cassino to the Alps. GPO, 1977. 1st ed. 584p. photos, fold-out Maps. F $35
  103. Harrison, Gordon. Cross Channel Attack. GPO, 1972 Reprint of 1951. 519p. Folding Maps. Photos. Overlord planning to July 1, 1944. Fine $35
  104. Cole, H.M. Ardennes: Battle of the Bulge. GPO, 1965. 720p. Photos. Folding maps missing. o/w G $10
  105. Ruppenthal, Roland. Logistical Support of the Armies. Vol. I. May 1941-Sept. 1944. GPO, 1970. 616p. Folding Map. Photos. 2 pages highlighted. O/w F $25
  106. MacDonald & Mathews. Three Battles: Arnaville, Altuzzo & Schmidt. GPO, 1974. 1st. 443p. Maps. Photos. F $40
  107. MacDonald & Mathews. Three Battles: Arnaville, Altuzzo & Schmidt. GPO, 1990. 443p. Maps. Photos. As new in shrink wrap $20
  108. Morton, Louis. Strategy & Command: First Two Years. GPO, 1971. 761p. Photos. Early Japanese & US Offensives in PTO. Fine $30
  109. Cannon, M. Hamlin. Leyte: Return to the Philippines. GPO, 1969. 420p. Photos, Folding maps. Cocked spine o/w Fine $35
  110. Smith, Robert. Triumph in the Philippines. GPO, 1973. 756p. Photos, Folding maps. F $35
  111. Appleman et al. Okinawa: Last Battle. GPO, 1977. 529p. Photos, Fold-out Maps Map block loose o/w Fine $30
  112. Millett, John. Organization & Role of Army Service Forces. GPO, 1954. 494p. Photos. Spine sunned o/w Fine $25
  113. Palmer et al. Procurement & Training of Ground Combat Troops. GPO, 1948. 1st ed. 696p. Photos. NF $30
  114. Palmer et al. Procurement & Training of Ground Combat Troops. GPO, 1948. 1st ed. 696p. Photos. Ex. lib. paper label on spine. NF $25
  115. Greenfield et al. Organization of Ground Combat Troops. GPO, 1947. 1st ed. 540p. Photos. Ex. lib. NF $25
  116. Matloff, Maurice. Strategic Planning for Coalition Warfare: 1943-44. GPO, 1973. 640p. Photos. Fine $25
  117. Leighton & Coakley. Global Logistics & Strategy: 1940-43. GPO, 1970. 780p. Fine $25
  118. Coakley & Leighton. Global Logistics & Strategy: 1943-45. GPO, 1968. 889p. NF $25
  119. Green, Constance et al. Ordnance Department: Planning Munitions for War. GPO, 1970. 542p. Photos. Fine $35
  120. Brophy et al. Chemical Warfare Service: From Laboratory to Field. GPO, 1970. 498p. Maps. Photos. Fine $28
  121. Kleber & Birdsell. Chemical Warfare Service: Chemicals in Combat. GPO, 1968. 673p. Maps & Photos. Signed. About 24 pages highlighted o/w Fine $20
  122. Wardlow, Chester. Transportation Corps: Responsibilities, Organization, & Operations. GPO, 1951. 454p. Photos. Spine sunned o/w NF $25
  123. Wardlow, Chester. Transportation Corps: Responsibilities, Organization, & Operations. GPO, 1970. 454p. Photos. . 673p. Maps. Photos. 1 page highlighted o/w Fine $30
  124. Bykofsky & Larson. Transportation Corps: Operations Overseas. GPO, 1973. 670p. Photos. 3 pages highlighted o/w NF $25
  125. Risch, Erna. Quartermaster Corps: Organization, Supply & Services. Vol. I. GPO, 1953. 418p. Photos. About 8 pages highlighted. Spine sunned. Ex. lib. o/w VG $20
  126. Risch, Erna. Quartermaster Corps: Organization, Supply & Services. Vol. I. GPO, 1970. 418p. Photos. 2 pages highlighted. Bottom of front board has popped cloth. O/w NF $25
  127. Wiltse, Charles. Medical Department: Medical Service in the Mediterranean & Minor Theaters. GPO, 1965. 664p. Maps. Photos. Fine $30
  128. Holley, Irving. Buying Aircraft: Materiel Procurement for the Army Air Forces. GPO, 1964. 1st ed. 643p. Photos. Fine $25
  129. Holley, Irving. Buying Aircraft: Materiel Procurement for the Army Air Forces. GPO, 1970. 643p. Photos. $25

  130. Sheppard. Army of the United States: Army of the US, Its Components, Its Arms Services & Bureaus, Its Military & Non Military Activities. Senate Doc.. GPO, 1940. Photos. Ex. lib. No external markings. VG $35
  131. Perrett, Geoffrey. There's a War to be Won: US Army in World War II. Random, 1991. 1st ed. 632p. Photos. Pages wavy. VG/VG $18
  132. Reynolds, David. Rich Relations: American Occupation of Britain 1942-45. Random, 1995. 1st ed. 555p. Maps & Photos. F/F $22
  133. US Archives. World War II Records in the Cartographic & Architectural Branches of the National Archives. GPO, 1992. 87p. Photos. F $7
  134. Kennett, Lee. G.I.: American Soldier in World War II. Scribners, 1987. 265p. Photos. BCE same as regular ed. F/NF $15
  135. Keefer, Louis. Scholars in Foxholes: Story of the Army Specialized Training Program in World War II. McFarland, 1988. 308p. Photos. F $60
  136. Scharnberg, Ken. Voices: Letters from World War II. Premium, 1993. 2d ed. 404p. American legion members reminisce. F $18
  137. Findley, Rowe. World War II Remembered: 1941, A World at War. US Postal Service, 1991. 40p. Photos. Postage stamps included as issued. Fine $45
  138. Ambrose, Stephen. Victors: Eisenhower and his Boys, Men of World War II. S&S, 1998. 1st ed. 396p. Photos. F/F $15
  139. Ambrose, Stephen. Citizen Soldiers: US Army from Normandy Beaches to the Surrender of Germany, June 1944 - May 1945. S&S, 1997 1st ed. 512p. Photos. F/F $20
  140. Brokaw, Tom. Greatest Generation. Random, 1998. 390p. 2d ed. F/F $12
  141. Brokaw, Tom. Greatest Generation Speaks. Random, 1999. 237p. F/F $10
  142. Shibutani, Tamotsu. Derelicts of Company K: Sociological Study of Demoralization. Cal. U.P., 1978. 455p. Nisei troops at Fort Snelling Language school in WW II. NF/NF $25
  143. Kluger, Steve. Yank, Army Weekly: World War II from the Guys who Brought you Victory. St Martins, 1991. 1st ed. 356p. Photos. F/F $20
  144. Liebling, A.J. Road Back to Paris. Paragon, 1988. 300p. Anthology of his New Yorker articles. Large Wraps. F $10
  145. Rogge, O. John. Official German Report: Nazi Penetration, 1924-42 & Pan-Arabism 1939- Today. Yoseloff, 1961. 478p. Photos. Author was the US Attorney for wartime sedition cases. That's German infiltration into the US. F/G $20
  146. Bischof & Ambrose (ed). Eisenhower and the German POW's: Facts Against Falsehood. LSU, 1992. 1st ed. 258p. Maps & Photos. F/F $28
  147. Bacque, James. Other Losses: Shocking Truth Behind the Mass Deaths of Disarmed German Soldiers & Civilians Under General Eisenhower's Command. Prima, 1991. 1st ed. 296p. Photos. F/F $25
  148. Irons, Peter. Justice at War: Story of the Japanese American Interment Cases. California, UP, 1993. 415p. Large Wraps. F $8
  149. Drinnon, Richard. Keeper of Concentration Camps: Dillon S. Myer & American Racism. California UP, 1987. 339p. Photos. F/VG $25
  150. Persons, Benjamin. Relieved of Command. Sunflower, 1997. 190p. Maps & Photos. Covers Relief of Harding of the 32d Div at Buna, Fredendall of II Corps in Africa, Brown of the 7th Div. on Attu, Allen in 1st Div, Lucas in 6th Corps, Smith of 27th Div on Saipan, Bohn of CCB 3d armored, Landrum of the 90th Div, & Jones in 106th Div. Fine $35
  151. Eisenhower, Gen. Dwight. Crusade in Europe. Doubleday, 1948. NF $18
  152. Ambrose, Stephen. Ike: Abilene to Berlin. Harper, 1973. 220p. Photos. F/NF $20
  153. Ambrose, Stephen. Supreme Commander: War Years of General Dwight Eisenhower. Doubleday, 1970. 732p. Maps. BCE, same as regular ed. F/NF $12
  154. Eisenhower, David. Eisenhower at War 1943-45. Vintage, 1987. 977p. Photos. Wraps. $7
  155. Perrett, Geoffrey. Eisenhower. Random, 1999. 2d ed. 685p. F/NF $15
  156. Bradley, Gen. Omar. Soldier's Story. Holt, 1951. Price clipped. F/VG+ $30
  157. Bradley & Blair. General's Life: Autobiography of General Omar N. Bradley. S&S, 1983. 752p. Photos. F/F $15
  158. Patton, Gen. George. War as I Knew It. Houghton, 1947. 425p. Spine slightly sunned. NF $35
  159. Patton, Gen. George. War as I Knew It. Houghton, 1947. 425p. Spine faded/soiled o/w VG $30
  160. Patton, Gen. George. War as I Knew It. Houghton, 1975. Reprint of 1947. 425p. F/NF $25
  161. Blumenson, Martin (ed). Patton Papers, 1940-45. Houghton, 1974. 1st ed. 889p. F/NF $30
  162. Blumenson, Martin (ed). Patton Papers, 1940-45. Houghton, 1974. 1st ed. 889p. Ex. lib. , no pocket. NF $25
  163. Farrago, Ladislas. Patton: Ordeal & Triumph. Obolensky, 1964. 1st ed. 885p. NF/G $75
  164. Farrago, Ladislas. Last Days of Patton. McGraw, 1981. 1st ed. 319p. F/F $25
  165. Hogg, Ian. Biography of General George S. Patton. Gallery, 1983. 160p. Photos. F/F $15
  166. Province, Charles. Unknown Patton. Bonanza. 1984. 261p. Photos. F/F $12
  167. D'este, Carlo. Patton: Genius for War. Harper, 1995. 1st. ed. 977p. Photos. F/F $40
  168. D'este, Carlo. Patton: Genius for War. Harper, 1995. 7th ed. 977p. Photos. F/F $30
  169. Collins, Gen. J. Lawton. Lightening Joe: An Autobiography. LSU, 1980. 462p. Maps & Photos. F/VG+ $50
  170. Taylor, John. General Maxwell Taylor: Sword & the Pen. Doubleday, 1989. 1st ed. 457p. Photos. F/F $25
  171. Ellis & Cunningham. Clarke of St. Vith: Sergeant's General. Dillon, 1974. 344p. Maps & Photos. Signed & inscribed by Clarke to (Brig. Gen.) Oliver Patton. Text highlighted & annotated by Patton who was officer of the 106th Div. Ephemera glued in front & rear: Battle of St Vith established a Concept in Defensive Tactics by Armor by Bruce Clarke. 3p. & 4th Armored Div.: Genesis to Greatness 1940-45. By Col Leach. 8p. $115
  172. Ellis & Cunningham. Clarke of St. Vith: Sergeant's General. Dillon, 1974. 344p. Maps & Photos. F/G+ $35
  173. Willoughby & Chambrlain. MacArthur, 1941-51. McGraw, 1954. 441p. Maps & Photos. F $30
  174. Manchester, William. American Caesar: Douglas MacArthur, 1880-1964. Little, 1978. BCE VG/Fair $12
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    WORLD WAR II: BOOK CLUB EDITIONS 3 for $25 or individually as marked.
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