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  1. McChristian, Douglas. Manual for the Handling & Firing of the Springfield Rifle & Carbine Calibers .45 & .50 and the Colt Revolver Caliber .45 in Interpretive Demonstrations. US Park Svc., c. 1981. 47p. Illus. Wraps. F $10
  2. Wolff, Eldon. Revolver Classification: Laboratory Textbook of Firearms Identification for Collectors & Students. Milwaukee Pub., Museum, 1950. 16p. Photos. Signed. Wraps. F $10
  3. Stackpole. Sportsman's Bookshelf: Vol. IV. Rifles Past & Present. Stackpole, 1950. 128p. Photos. Includes Kentucky Rifle. Wraps. NF $10
  4. American Rifleman (Magazine). Vol. 74 July-December 1926. Ex. lib. Cloth bound. VG $50
  5. Benet, Hugh (ed). American Arms Collector. Vol 1 #1 to Vol II #4. 1957-58. Collector' Press, 1958. Articles by Albaugh, Peterson, Knode, Patterson, Weller, et al. 8 issues, 2 years. Wraps bound in. F $40
  6. Benet, Hugh (ed). American Arms Collector. Vol 1 #1 to Vol II #4. 1957-58. Collector' Press, 1958. Articles by Albaugh, Peterson, Knode, Patterson, Weller, et al. 8 issues, 2 years. Foxed. Bound with printed cover as issued with wraps bound in. NF $40
  7. Outdoor Life (ed). Story of American Hunting & Firearms. McGraw, 1959. 172p. Illus. 12 full page color plates. F in NF slip case. $30
  8. Thomas, H.H. Story of Allen & Wheelock Firearms. OH: Krehbeil, 1965. 125p. Photos. F $65
  9. Serven, James. Colt Firearms from 1836. Foundation P., 1972. (7th ed) Enlarged Ed. 401p. Photos. F/NF $200
  10. Mitchell, James. Colt: Collection of Letters & Photographs About the Man, the Arms, the Company. Stackpole, 1959. 265p. Photos. Oversize. F/NF $150
  11. Rywell, Martin. Trial of Samuel Colt. Pioneer P., 1953. 327p. #777 of 1000 copies. Complete report of the trial of Colt vs Massachusetts Arms Co. in 1851 for patent infringement of the revolver principle. One of the most important patent cases in US history. Secured Colt's monopoly thru the Civil War. Jacket foxed. F/VG $80
  12. Rywell, Martin. Trial of Samuel Colt. Pioneer P., 1953. 327p. Ltd ed of 1000 copies, copy # not given. Complete report of the trial of Colt vs Massachusetts Arms Co. in 1851 for patent infringement of the revolver principle. One of the most important patent cases in US history. Secured Colt's monopoly thru the Civil War. Jacket foxed. F/F $75
  13. Mills, Fred. Study of Colt's Double Rifles. Mass, 1953. 51p. Photos. Wraps. Signed. F $30
  14. Fuller, Claud. Rifled Musket. Stackpole, 1958. 302p. Photos. Oversize. F/NF $200
  15. US Army. Ordnance Manual for the Use of Officers of the US Army. Webster, c. 1960 Reprint of the 1862 Lippincott ed. Chapter 8 on Small Arms only. Pages 177-233 + plates. Wraps. F $15
  16. Rywell, Martin. Confederate Guns & Their Current Prices. Pioneer P., 1952. 54p. Detailed descriptions. Photos. Wraps. F $15
  17. Chaple, Charles. Guns of the Old West. Coward, 1961. 306p. Photos. F $50.
  18. Hanson, Charles. Northwest Gun. Nebraska State Hist. Soc., 1955. 85p. Photos. Signed. F $100
  19. Hanson, Charles. Hawken Rifle: Its Place in History. Chadron NE: Fur P., 1979. 104p. Photos. Large Wraps. Mountain Men, St. Louis. F $35
  20. Eighty Years' Progress of the United States: Family Record of American Industry, Energy & Enterprise... Hartford: Stebbins, 1869. 465p. Illus. Chapters on Firearms, Manufacturing, Transportation, Agriculture, Cotton, Steam Engines, Commerce. Nicely rebound in cloth. Some foxing o/w F $75
  21. US Army. Description & Rules for the Management of the US Rifle Caliber .30 Model 1917. GPO, 1917. 62p. Illus. Folding plates. Blue cloth, slightly soiled. NF $100
  22. US Army. Principles of Small Arms Weapons. Sept, 1945. OS 9-73. Aberdeen PG, 1945. 56p. Illus. Copy of Lt Col. Calvin Goddard. F $30
  23. Peck, Taylor. Round Shot to Rockets: History of the Washington Navy Yard & US Naval Gun Factory. NIP, 1949. 267p. Photos. Line drawings. F/VG+ $35
  24. Goddard, Lt. Col. Calvin. Pistol Bogey. Reprint from the Journal of Police Science, NW Univ., 1930. 16p. Argument not in favor of restricting of pistol ownership due to fear of crime. Wraps. VG $5
  25. Ideal Manufacturing Co. Ideal Handbook of Useful Information for Shooters #24. New Haven: c. 1914-16. 160p. Chipped Wraps. Spine taped. Fair. $50
  26. Camberlin Cartridge Co. 1894 Catalogue of Bluerock Targets & Traps & Chamberlin Cartridges. Program of the First Annual Tournament. Museum Restoration, 1963. Facsimile Reprint. 25p. Ltd to 200 copies. Wraps. F $15
  27. Jackson & Whitelaw. European Hand Firearms of the 16th, 17th & 18th Centuries with a Treatise on Scottish Hand Firearms. Bramhall House, n.d. c. 1950. Reprint of 1923 ed. 108p. Photos. F/F $45.
  28. Grancsay, Stephen. Early Firearms in the George F. Harding Museum, Chicago. Gun Digest, 1952. 8 leaves. Photos. Includes Wheelocks & Flintlocks. Large Wraps. NF $22
  29. Held, Robert. Arms & Armor Annual. Vol I. Follett, 1973. 320p. Photos. 30 articles by Peterson, Grancsay, Gooding, Darling et al. Large Wraps. NF $25
  30. Waterman, Charles. Treasury of Sporting Guns. Random, 1979. 240p. color Photos. F/NF $25
  31. Hoopes, Thomas. Arms & Armor: Elementary Handbook & Guide to the Collection in the City Museum of St. Louis Mo. St. Louis: 1954. 43p. Photos. Includes very early guns. NF $25
  32. Grosse, Francis. Treatise on Ancient Armour & Weapons Illustrated by Plates Taken from the Original Armour in the Tower of London. Greenvale Museum, 1955. Reprint of 1786. 20p. Wraps. F $12
  33. Smiley, Maj. Hugh. Gun Room Story of Sporting Arms. Henniker NH: p.p., 1947. 20p. Photos. Early firearms. Signed. Small Wraps. NF $10
  34. Blackmore, Howard. British Military Firearms 1650-1850. London: Jenkins, 1961. 296p. Photos. Line drawings. Page edges foxed. o/w F/F $65
  35. Dunham, Keith. Gun Trade of Birmingham: Historical Note of Some of the More Interesting Features of a Long Established Local Industry. City of Birmingham Museum, 1955. 43p. Photos. Wraps. F $10
  36. Brinkerhoff & Chamberlain. Spanish Military Weapons in Colonial America 1700-1821. Stackpole, 1972. 159p. Photos. Sponsored by the Company of Mil. Historians. Covers Firearms, Swords, Polearms, Bayonets, Knives, Cannon & Accoutrements. F/VG $125
  37. Lavin, James. History of Spanish Firearms. Arco, 1965. 1st ed. 304p. Photos. Line drawings. Flintlock era to 1825. Page edges foxed. o/w F/F $75
  38. Donnin, Irving. Arms & Armor of Ancient Spain: Story & Catalog from the Collection of Irvin N. Donnin. Miami, n.d. c. 1950. 59p. Photos. $5
  39. Musgrave & Oliver. German Machineguns. MOR Assoc., 1971. 1st. 457p. Many Photos. Covers into post war era. Oversize. F/NF $95
  40. General Motors. Training Manual: Cal. .50, M2 Browning Machine Gun Aircraft Basic. n.d. c.1945. 79p. Photos. Large fold-out exploded view. Spiral bound Wraps. NF $35
  41. General Motors. Training Manual: 20mm M2 Automatic Gun. Restricted. Lansing: GM/Oldsmobile, c.1945. Wire bound Wraps. 68p. Photos., Large folding exploded view. VG+ $35
  42. US Army. FM 23-7. Carbine Cal. .30 M1, M1A1, M2, & M3. 1952. 382p. Photos. Wraps. F $30
  43. US Army. FM 23-55. Browning Machineguns Cal. .30 M1917A1, M1919 A4, M1919 A4E1, M1919 A6, & M37. 1955. 459p. Photos. Wraps. VG $30
  44. Kirk & Young. Great Weapons of World War II. Bonanza, 1961. 347p. Photos NF $20
  45. Owen, J.I.H. (ed). Brassey's Infantry Weapons of the World 1950-75. Bonanza, 1979. 323p. Photos. G $25
  46. Ezell, Edward. Small Arms of the World. 11th ed. Stackpole, 1977. 671p. Photos. Oversize. F/VG $45
  47. Pretty, R.T. (ed). Jane's Weapon's Systems 1978. London: Jane's, 1977. 939p. Photos. Oversized. F $50
  48. King, Peter. Shooting Field: One Hundred & Fifty Years with Holland & Holland. Quiller Press, 1985. 176p. Photos. F/F $40
  49. Allen, Kenneth. Big Guns of the 20th Century & Their Part in Great Battles. London: Firefly, 1976. 89p. Photos. Artillery on land & at sea. F/F $20
  50. Lavery, Brian. Anatomy of the Ship: 74 Gun Ship, Bellona. Conway Maritime, 1989. 120p. Line drawings, Photos. F/F $28
  51. White, David. Anatomy of the Ship: Frigate Diana. NIP, 1987. 120p. Line drawings, Photos. F/F $28
  52. Jane, Fred. Jane's Fighting Ships 1914. Arco, 1969. Reprint. 502p. Photos. Line drawings F/NF $30
  53. Dunlin & Garzke. Battleships: US Battleships in World War II. NIP, 1976. Photos. Folding plans. 267p. F/G $45
  54. Stern, Robert. US Battleships in Action. Parts I & II. Squadron, 1980 & 84. 2 vols. 50p. ea. Photos. Wraps. F $18
  55. Breyer, Siegfried. Battleships of the World, 1905-70. Mayflower, 1980. 400p. Photos. Line drawings F/F $45
  56. Sullivan, George. Return of the Battleship. Dodd, 1983. 127p. Photos. A short history of the battleship. F/NF $15
  57. Polmar, Norman. Ships & Aircraft of the US Navy. NIP, 1984. 13th ed. 559p. Photos. Excellent reference work. F/VG+ $35
  58. Couhat, Jean. Combat Fleets of the World 1986/7. NIP, 1986. 750p. Photos. Oversize. NF/G $35
  59. Breyer & Polmar. Guide to the Soviet Navy. NIP, 1977. 610p. Photos. Line drawings. F/F $25
  60. Duncan, Robert. (former Chief Physicist). America's Use of Sea Mines. US Naval Ordnance Lab, 1962. 173p. Photos of equip. Covers from about 1800. Ex.lib. NF $45
  61. Smyth, H.D. General Account of the Development of Methods of Using Atomic Energy for Military Purposes Under the Auspices of the US Government 1940-45. GPO, 1945. 182p. Wraps. 1st printed account of the Manhattan Project. Only earlier ed is stenciled version. No Photos. Predates Princeton UP edition of similar title. Rare. Fine $320
  62. Rhodes, Richard. Making the Atomic Bomb. Simon & Schuster, 1986. 886p. Photos. Large Wraps. Fine. $15
  63. Davis, Brian. Badges & Insignia of the Third Reich 1933-45. London, Blandford, 1983. 208p. Photos. Color plates of insignia. F/F $30
  64. Rosignoli, Guido. Badges & Insignia of World War II: Air Force, Naval & Marine. Exeter, 1983. 363p. Covers 19 Air Forces, 11 Navies . Color and B+W plates of insignia. F/F $30
  65. Wordsmith Color Guide: Medals. Wordsmith, 1993. 190p. Color photos. small Wraps. NF $12
  66. Dupuy & Dupuy. Harper Encyclopedia of Military History: From 3500 BC to Present. Harper, 1994. 4th Edition, 1st printing. Massive. 1654p. F/F $60
  67. Dupuy, Trevor, et al. Harper Encyclopedia of Military Biography. Harper, 1992. 834p. F/VG $50
  68. Norman & Pottinger. English Weapons & Warfare 449-1660. Dorset, 1979. 224p. Illus. F/F $25
  69. Puraye, Jean. La Gravure sur Armes a Feu au Pays de Liege. Brussels: Malvaux, 1964. Color Photos. 81p. F/F $40
  70. Held, Robert. Age of Firearms: Pictorial History from the Invention of Gunpowder to Advent of the Modern Breechloader. Gun Digest, 1970. 192p. Photos. Large Wraps. F $15
  71. Upper Canada Hist. Arms Soc. Military Arms of Canada. Ottawa: Museum Restoration Svc., 1963. 47p. Photos. Covers period 1608-1955. Wraps. F $15
  72. Canadian Journal of Arms Collecting. Vol I, No.1 to Vol VI, no. 1. In two original gray binders. Issues not bound in. Photos. Line drawings. 21 issues all F $100
  73. Purdon, Charles. Snider-Enfield. Ottawa: Museum Restoration Svc., 1963. 8p. Photos. F $8
  74. MacDonald, Capt. R.J. History of the Dress of the Royal Regiment of Artillery, 1625-1897. Crecy, 1985. Reprint of 1899. 104p.+ 25 color plates. F/F $35
  75. Holding, T.H. Uniforms of the British Army, Navy & Court. London: Holding, 1894. Muller, 1969. Facsimile reprint. 81p. Illus. Uniform patterns for the period. NF $40
  76. Thornburn, W.A. Uniform of the Scottish Infantry 1740-1900. HMSO, 1970. 27p. Photos. Wraps. F $10
  77. Sachse, L. & Co. Uniform Plates of the Prussian Army, 1830. Dover, 1981. 72 full color plates by Elzholz, Rechlin, & Schultz. original title: Das Preussische Heer... Large Wraps. F $20
  78. Tantum & Hoffschmitt. German Army & Navy Uniforms & Insignia 1871-1918. WE, 1968. 195p. Illus. from contemporary sources. Ex. lib. NF $50
  79. North, Rene. Military Uniforms 1686-1918. Grosset, 1970. 159p. color Illus. F/F $15
  80. Peterson, Harold. Round Shot & Rammers. Bonanza, 1969. 128p. Line drawings. Intro to US muzzle loading artillery. F/F $20
  81. Caruana, Adrian. Grasshoppers & Butterflies: Light 3 Pounders of Pattison & Townshend. Ottawa: Museum Restoration Svc., 1980. Photos. diagrams. 32p. Wraps. F $12
  82. Hicks, Col. James. Notes on US Ordnance. Vol I. Small Arms 1776-1946. Hicks, 1946. 123p. + 88 plates of Line drawings. Description of US contract arms. Green covers. Spine darkened. VG+ $85
  83. Hicks, Maj. James. What You Should Know About Our Arms & Weapons. Norton, 1941. 252p. Line drawings. Historical & Contemporary. NF $20
  84. Gluckman, Col. Arcadi. US Muskets, Rifles & Carbines. Buffalo: Ulbrich, 1948. 447p. Photos. US Martial arms. NF $45
  85. Gluckman, Col. Arcadi. Supplement of American Gunmakers. Buffalo: Ulbrich, 1949. 66p. Wraps. NF $15
  86. Peterson, Harold. Arms & Armor of the Pilgrims 1620-92. Plymouth Plantation, 1967. 29p. Photos. Small arms & cannon. Signed. F $15
  87. Moore, Warren. Weapons of the American Revolution & Accoutrements. Promontory, 1967. 225p. Photos. F/NF $30
  88. Neumann & Kravic. Collector's Illustrated Encyclopedia of the American Revolution. Stackpole, 1975. 286p. Photos. Illus. F/F $40
  89. Boehret, Paul. Committee of Safety Musket. PP, 1956. 23p. Includes alphabetical list of gunsmiths. #33 of 500. Signed. Small Wraps. F $15
  90. General Washington's Swords & Campaign Equipment: An Illustrated Catalogue of Military Memorabilia in the Mount Vernon Collection. Mt. Vernon Ladies Assoc., 1948. Not 1st. 62p. Photos. F $15
  91. Darling, Anthony. Red Coat & Brown Bess. Ottawa: Museum Restoration Svc., 1970. 63p. Photos. Wraps. F. $12
  92. Elting, Col. John. Military Uniforms in America: Era of the Revolution 1755-95. Presidio, 1974. 140p. Color plates of American British, French & German uniforms. Sponsored by Company of Military Historians. F/F $60
  93. Peterson, Harold. Book of the Continental Soldier: Being a Compleat Account of the Uniforms, Weapons & Equipment with which he Lived & Fought. Stackpole, 1968. 287p. Photos. w/ letter signed by Peterson. F/VG+ $50
  94. Howell & Kloster. US Army Headgear to 1854. GPO, 1969. 75p. Photos. F $65
  95. Campbell & Howell. American Military Insignia, 1800-1851. Smithsonian, 1963. 124p. photos. Foxed o/w NF $70
  96. Todd, Frederick. Soldiers of the American Army 1775-1954. Regenery, 1954. Full page color uniform plates by Fritz Kredel. Text on facing page. Only 22 of 32 plates present. o/w NF/VG+ $45
  97. US Army, Quartermaster Gen. US Army Uniforms & Equipment, 1889: Specifications for Clothing, Camp & Garrison Equipment, & Clothing & Equipage Materials. U. Neb.P., 1986. 375p. Illus. Wraps. F $15
  98. Peterson, Harold. American Sword, 1775-1945. Riling, 1983. Reprint of 1954. 346p. Photos. Also includes reprint of American Silver Hilt Swords. F/VG $50
  99. Abels, Robert. Bowie Knives. NY: c. 1950. 48p. Photos. Signed. Wraps. F $15
  100. Abels, Robert. Robert Abels Collection of Bowie Type Knives of American Interest. NY: p.p. n.d. 20p. Photos. 65 knives shown & described. F $25
  101. Steffen, Randy. US Military Saddles, 1812-1943. Ok. U.P, 1973. 158p. Line drawings. Sponsored by Company of Mil. Historians. F/NF $40
  102. US Army. Description & Rules for the Management of the US Rifle Cal. .30 Model 1903. Revised 1917. GPO, 1917. 80p. Illus. Blue cloth. F $100
  103. US Army. FM 23-8 US Rifle 7.62mm, M-14 & M-14E2. 1965. 50p. Photos. F $25
  104. US Army. FM 23-9 Rifle, 5.56mm, M-16A1. 1970. 52p. Photos. F $25
  105. US Army. FM 23-31 40mm Grenade Launcher M-79. 1965. 84p. Photos. F $15
  106. Poole, J. Lawrence. America's Valley Forges & Valley Furnaces. Poole, 1982. ltd ed. of 2000. 211p. Photos. Signed. F/F $20
  107. Hastings, Max. Oxford Book of Military Anecdotes. Oxford, 1985. 514p. F/F $28
  108. Quick, John. Dictionary of Weapons & Military Terms. McGraw, 1973. 515p. Photos. NF/VG $25

  109. Saxe, Field-Marshal Count. Reveries or Memoirs Upon the Art of War. London: Nourse, 1757. 1st ed. 195p + 40 copper plates. Ex.lib. buckram covers. NF $350
  110. US. Regulations for the Order & Discipline of the Troops of the US. Part I. Philadelphia: Oswald, 1793. 48p. No plates: As originally published. No cover. NF $220
  111. US. Regulations for the Order & Discipline of the Troops of the US. Part I. Philadelphia: Cist, 1794. 79p. Only plate VIII remains. Inscribed: "John E. ?oros / Montgomery / County / Penna." Recently respined in leather w/ original boards. $200
  112. US War Dept. Rules & Regulations for Field Exercise & Maneuvers of Infantry, 1815. Plate vol. only. 40 Folding plates. Inscribed: "Maj. Thomas T. Firsh?, to A.J. Montgomery, 1848". There was an Alexander Montgomery USMA 1830 who was a Capt asst QM in 1848, retired 1872. $180
  113. Cooper, Capt. S. Concise System of Instructions & Regulations for Militia & Volunteers of the US Comprehending Exercises and Movements of Infantry, Light Infantry, & Riflemen; Cavalry & Artillery... Philadelphia, Desilver, 1836. 282p. Inscribed "Col. Anthony Kimmel, Frederick County, Lingannce (?), Md." Lightly foxed. Side splitting. Label gone on spine. VG+ $155
  114. US War Dept. Abstract of Infantry Tactics including Exercises & Manoeuvres of Light-Infantry & Riflemen for the Use of the Militia of the US. Philadelphia: Moss, 1860. 138p. Plates. Reprint of 1829 ed. Gilt flag embossed on cover. Copy of Joseph C. Theurer, 1864. Fine $170
  115. Moss, Maj. Jas. Applied Minor Tactics...Especially Adapted to the Instruction of NCOs & Privates in Their Duties in Campaign. NY: Banta, 1917 2d. ed. 181p. maps in pockets. F $20
  116. Moss, Maj. James. Manual of Military Training. Banta, 1917. 2d ed., 3d printing. 666p. Maps in pocket. Hinges cracking. o/w VG+ $15
  117. Ellis & Garey. Platsburg Manual: Handbook for Military Training. Century, 1918. 336p. Photos. Covers drill & target practice. NF $18
  118. (Britain). Sniping, Scouting & Patrolling: A Textbook for Instructors & Students. Aldershot: Gale, nd c.1930. 124p. Illus. Photos. NF $60
  119. USMA. Notes on Permanent Land Fortifications. USMA, 1958. 18p. text + 13 Folding plates. Wraps. NF $10
  120. Clarke, Gen. Bruce. Guidelines for the Leader & Commander. Stackpole, 1963. 118p. Clarke CO of a Command of the 7th Armored Div. at St Vith in the Bulge. NF $18
  121. US Navy. Manual of Naval Hygiene. GPO, 1943. 339p. Includes section on USMC armored units: photos of evacuation of wounded from tanks. Photos of combat & flying uniforms. Wraps. F $45
  122. Royal Naval Medical School. Notes on Atomic Energy for Medical Officers. H & S Ltd, 1951. 157p. Photos. Wraps. Spine sunned. NF $30
  123. US Army. Manual for the Quartermaster Corps. Mil. Pub. Co., 1916. 2 vols in 1. (824p. + 561p.) photos of equipment. Folding RR Map of US. F $90
  124. US Army. Manual for Noncommissioned Officers & Privates of Field Artillery. Vol II. GPO, 1917. 278p. incl. Arty in the Field, Marching, Interior Guard, Practice Firing. NF $20
  125. Solano, Capt. E.J.(Brit. Imp. staff.). Field Entrenchments: Spadework for Riflemen, Hasty Fire Cover, Fire Trenches... NY: Harvey, 1917. 228p. Line drawings. Photos. F $30
  126. Coast Artillery Journal. Military Motor Transportation. Ft. Monroe, 1927. 396p. Photos of equipment. Mostly concerns engines etc. Wraps. F. $50
  127. Prentiss, Brig. Gen. Augustin USA. Chemicals in War: Treatise on Chemical Warfare. McGraw, 1937. 6th ed. Line drawings of ammo. Photos. Ex. lib. Top of spine worn. $120
  128. Sartori. War Gases: Chemistry of Analysis. Van Nostrand, 1939. 360p. Ex. lib. NF $50
  129. US Army. FM 1-5. AAF FM. Employment of Aviation of the Army. 1943. 61p. F $30
  130. US Army. FM 1-25. AAF FM. Air Defense. 1942. 12p. $20
  131. US Army. FM 5-30. Engineer Antimechanized Measures. 1940. 56p. Photos. F $30
  132. US Army. FM 5-35. Engineer FM: Reference Data. 1941. 369p. Line drawings. $35
  133. US Army. TM 5-240. Aerial Photography. 1941. 104p. Photos of equipment. VG $25
  134. US Army. FM 7-5. Organization & Tactics of the Rifle Battalion. 1940. 344p. NF $40
  135. US Army. FM 7-20. Infantry Battalion. 1944. Ft Benning 1945. 278p. VG+ $40
  136. US Army. TM 10-405. The Army Cook. 1941. 257p. Photos of equipment. recipes. VG+ $30
  137. US Army. FM 21-5. Military Training. 1941. 76p. F $15
  138. US Army. FM 27-15. Military Law: Domestic Disturbances. 1941. 82p.F $8
  139. US Army. FM 30-5. Military Intelligence: Combat Intelligence. 1940. 36p. F $25
  140. US Army. FM 30-20. Military Intelligence: Military Maps. 1940. 45p. $10
  141. US Army. FM 31-10. Coast Defense. 1941. 53p. F $20
  142. US Army. FM 31-35. Aviation in Support of Ground Forces. 1942. 65p. $30
  143. US Army. FM 100-5. Field Service Regulations: Operations. 1944. 366p. F $35
  144. US Army. FM 100-10. Field Service Regulations: Administration. 1943. 180p. F $25
  145. US Army. FM 100-15. Field Service Regulations: Larger Units. 1942. 107p. F $25
  146. US Army. FM 101-5. Staff Officers' FM: Staff & Combat Orders. 1940. 146p. w/ changes. F $25
  147. US Army. FM 101-10. Staff Officers' FM: Organization, Technical, & Logistical Data. Restricted. 1941. 269p. + many yellow pages as issued by CGSS in original loose leaf notebook. NF $125
  148. US Army. FM 9-6. Ammunition Supply. 1944. 143p. F $25
  149. US Army. FM 22-5. Infantry Drill Regulations. 1939. 195p. NF $15
  150. US Army. FM 22-5. Infantry Drill Regulations with Rifle Caliber .30 M1, Garand Rifle, Infantry Pack & Equipment, Military Discipline & Interior Guard Duty. NY: Mil. Book Co., 1942. 293p. Photos. Wraps. Stain on front cover. VG $25
  151. US Army. FM 21-100 Soldier's Handbook. Including Change 1. 1942. 263p. Photos. F $10
  152. US Army. TM 1-413 Aircraft Instruments. 1942. 234p. Photos. VG+ $35
  153. US Army. TM 11-1122. Detector Sets SCR 625 A,B,C,D,E (Antitank Mine, Portable) & Detector Antitank Mine, Portable M-1. 1943. 54p. Photos. F $45
  154. US Army. TM 11-1151. Detector set AN/PRS-1. 1944. 40p. Photos. F $45
  155. US Army, HQ ETO. Preparation for Overseas Movement: Short Sea Voyage. 1944 (issued 3/44). 63p. Issued to 1st Division troops prior to D-Day. F $60
  156. (British) War Office. Operations: Part VIII. Infantry & Armoured Divisions in the Opposed Crossing of a Water Obstacle. 1942. "This Document Must Not Fall into Enemy Hands." 86p. F $50
  157. (British) Combined Operations: No.1. General. 1942. 62p. photos of Brit landing craft. "This Document Must Not Fall into Enemy Hands." F $55
  158. (British) Combined Operations: No.2. Beach Organization & Maintenance. 1942. "This Document Must Not Fall into Enemy Hands." 57p. F $50
  159. (British) Combined Operations: No.3. Air Aspects of Combined Operations. 1942. "This Document Must Not Fall into Enemy Hands." 13p. $40
  160. Field Artillery Journal. Field Artillery Guide. US Field Artillery Assoc., 1942 1st. ed. about 200p. Photos. leatherette cover NF $50
  161. (US Army) Essentials of Infantry Training. MSPC, 1940. 8th. 575p. VG $25
  162. Virtue, Lt Col. C.M. Company Administration including Supply & Mess Management & Personnel Records. Mil. Svc. Pub. Co., 1942. 11th. 400p. inscribed Lt. Jordan, Anti Tank Co., 29th Infantry, Ft. Benning. F $25
  163. US Army. FM 5-34. Engineer Field Data. 1947. F $15
  164. US Army. FM 21-31. Topographic Symbols. 1952. 111p. Illus. Large wraps. F $7
  165. US Army. FM 21-76. Survivial, Evasion & Escape. 1968. 431p. F $12
  166. US Army. FM 57-38. Pathfinder Operations. 75p. F $15
  167. US Army. FM 100-5. Field Service Regulations: Operations. 1949. 293p. F $20
  168. US Army. FM 101-10. Staff Officers' FM: Organization, Technical, & Logistical Data. 1949. 512p. Korean War F $40
  169. US Army. FM 101-5. Staff Officers' FM: Staff Organization & Procedure. 1950. 295p. F $25
  170. US Army. FM 101-10. Staff Officers' FM: Organization, Technical, & Logistical Data. 1953. 502p. F $35
  171. US Navy. Ship & Gunnery Drills. NY: Nathan, 1918. Reprint of GPO ed. 307p. VG+ $25
  172. US Navy. Ship & Gunnery Drills. GPO, 1927. 350p. Photos. F $25
  173. US Navy. Landing Force Manual, 1918. missing tp., contents, & 433-448 of 553p. Photos of personal equipment. Decorated back cover. Poor $10
  174. US Navy. Bluejackets' Manual 10th ed. NIP, 1940. 784p. Photos. NF $20
  175. US Navy. Bluejackets' Manual 11th ed. NIP, 1943. 1145p. Photos. NF $20
  176. Cdr. Ageton, Arthur. Naval Officer's Guide. Whittlesey, 1943. 514p. Photos of uniforms & insignia. F/VG $20
  177. US Navy, ONI. Survival on Land & Sea. 1943. 187p. Illus. NF $20
  178. US DOD. DOD Pam 1-16. US Fighting Man's Code. (GPO) 1959. 160p. F $5
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