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  1. Kerrigan, Evans. American War Medals & Decorations. Viking,1964. 149p. illus. NF/G+ $25
  2. Elting, Col. John (ed). Military Uniforms in America. Long Endure: Civil War Period 1852-67. Presidio, 1982.145p. color plates by McBarron et al. Sponsored by the Company of Military Historians. F/F $60
  3. Howell, Edgar. US Army Headgear 1855-1902: Catalogue of the Collections of Smithsonian Institution. Smithsonian, 1975. 109p. photos. F $80
  4. Laframboise, Leon. History of Artillery, Cavalry & Infantry Branch of Service Insignia. Steelville, 1976. 194p. many photos F $75
  5. McDuff, Capt. James. US Army Officer’s Collar Insignia 1902-76. Vol. I Metal. Steelville: Watson, nd.
    94p. illus. wraps. F $30
  6. Barthorp, Michael. British Infantry Uniforms Since 1660. London,: Blandford, 1982. 160p. photos. clor illust. F/NF $25
  7. Peterson, James. Orders & Medals of Japan & Associated States. OMSA Monograph #1. 1967. 110p. photos. large wraps. F $30
  8. 8. Crowell, Benedict. America’s Munitions, 1917-18. GPO, 1919. 592p. photos. NF $85
  9. Alford, L.P. Manufacture of Artillery Ammunition. McGraw, 1917. diagr., photo. techniques of construction, very detailed. NF $75
  10. Manucy, Albert. Artillery Through the Ages. GPO, 1949. 91p. illust. wraps. F $3
  11. US Army. Army Ordnance [Magazine]. Vol. IV #23. March 1924. about 70p. wraps. mostly on ordnance
    & gunnery at West Point. VG $20
  12. US Army. FM 3-9. Military Chemical & Compounds. 1975. about 100p. wraps. $8
  13. US Army. FM 8-285. Treatment of Chemical Agent Casualties. 1968. 112p. wraps. F $8
  14. US Army. FM 3-8. Chemical Corps Reference Handbook. 1963. 198p. wraps. missing back cover.
    o/w VG $15
  15. US Army. SB 740-94-1. Storage Serviceability Standard: Sets & Kits, CBR (Detection, Testing,
    w/ Changes. VG $6
  16. Clarke, Robin. Silent Weapons: Realities of Chemical & Biological Weapons. McKay, 1968. 270p. F/VG $18
  17. SIPRI. Problem of Chemical & Biological Warfare. Vol IV. CB Disarmament Negotiations 1920-70. 412p. F $10
  18. Smyth, H.D. General Account of Development of Methods of Using Atomic Energy for Military Purposes Under Auspices of US Government, 1940-45. GPO, 1945. wraps. 182p. no photos. lst published history of the A Bomb; one earlier edition in stenciled form. F $250
  19. Smyth, H.D. Atomic Energy for Military Purposes. Princeton UP, 1945. 4th. 264p. + appendix. F $35
  20. Hacker, Barton. Dragon’s Tail: Radiation Safety in the Manhattan Project 1942-46. Cal. UP, 1987.
    258p. F/F $20
  21. Polmar, Norman. Strategic Nuclear Weapons: An Introduction. Crane, 1975. 164p. photos. F/NF $10
  22. McNaught, L.W. Land Warfare: Brassey’s New Battlefield Weapons Systems & Technology Series.
    Vol IV.
    Nuclear Weapons & Their Effects. Brassey’s, 1984. 136p. photos. wraps. F $12
  23. Irving, David. German Atomic Bomb. Simon, 1967. 328p. photos. F $18
  24. Campbell, Christopher. Nuclear Weapons: Factbook. Presidio, 1984. photos. 185p. ex.lib. F $18
  25. Van Cleave & Cohen. Tactical Nuclear Weapons. Crane Russak, 1978. 119p. VG $15
  26. US Navy, BuShips. Radar Systems Fundamentals NAVSHIPS 900,017 (Confidential) 1944. 394p.
    tattered soiled, poor $10
  27. Schlesinger. Robert. Principles of Electronic Warfare. Prentice, 1961. 213p. ex.lib. VG $25
  28. Tuzibaschitsch, Stefan. Aircraft Carriers of US Navy. Mayflower, 1980. 320p. photos, diagram. F/F $25
  29. Breyer, Siegfried. Battleships & Battlecruisers, 1905-1970: Historical Development of the Capital Ship. Doubleday, 1974. 480p. line drawings. F/NF $80
  30. Tuzibaschitsch, Stefan. Battleships of US Navy in World War II. Bonanza, 1979. 191p. photos, diagr.
    F/F $28
  31. Polmar, Norman. Ships & Aircraft of the US Fleet. 12 ed. NIP, 1981. 421p. photos. ex.lib. NF/NF $45
  32. Couhat, Jean.Combat Fleets of the World: Their Ships, Aircraft & Armament. NIP, photos. Oversize. ex.lib. $55 each.
    1976-7. 575p. F/NF
    1978-9. 651p. NF
    1978-9. 651p. F/VG
    1980-1. 787p. F
    1982-3. 873p. F
    1984-5. 1035p. F
    1986-87. 750p. NF $50
  33. (Tsipis, Kosta).Tactical & Strategic ASW. SIPIRI, 1974. Operations Research. F $15
  34. (Tsipis, Kosta).Tactical & Strategic ASW. SIPIRI, 1974. Operations Research. ex.lib. VG $10
  35. Rocket Ballistic Data: Fin Stabilized & Spin Stabilized Rockets. Restricted. Cal. Inst. Tech, 1946 for NDRC. 406p. photos. of rockets. ex.lib. NF $125
  36. AF Manual 52-31. Guided Missile Fundamentals. 1957. 575p. illust. NF $15
  37. Air University. Fundamentals of Aerospace Weapons Systems: AFROTC. GPO, 1961. 402p. photos.
    F $25
  38. Taylor & Taylor. Missiles of the World. Scribner, 1972. 167p. photos. ex.lib. VG+ $20
  39. Digby, James. Precision Guided Weapons. Adelphi Paper #118. Inst. For Strategic Studies, 1975. 23p. wraps. F $6
  40. Lee, R.G. et al. Land Warfare: Brassey’s New Battlefield Weapons Systems & Technology Series.
    Vol I.
    Guided Weapons. Brassey’s, 1988. 286p. photos. Covers antitank, SAM & SSM. Large wraps.
    VG+ $18
  41. Jane’s Naval Weapons Systems 1989. (Jane’s Reference Data) in original binder. new in shrink wrap. (published at $300). $55
  42. Janes Air-Launched Weapons 1990. in original binder F (pub. at $300) $55
  43. Jane’s C3I Systems 1989-90. 208p. photos of equipment. wraps. ex.lib. F $55
  44. US., DIA. Warsaw Pact Ground Forces Equipment Handbook: Armored Fighting Vehicles. 1980.
    100p. photos. ex.lib. original wraps bound in $12
  45. Von Senger und Etterlin, F.M. Tanks of the World. Munich: Bernard, 1983. 829p. photos. Plastic wraps. ex.lib. F $12
  46. Standard Novelty Co. Pocket Signal Disk: US Service Issue. La Jolla Ca. c. 1940. fine in pocket envelope. $10
  47. Walther Polizei-Pistolen Modelle PP u PPK Booklet 32p. illus. wraps. 1937. $45
  48. Mauser Werke. Original Mauser Magazine Sporting Rifles. Shooters Bible, 1964. 56p. illust. wraps. NF $20
  49. US Army. FM 23-7. US Carbine .30 cal. Ml 1942. wraps. NF $30
  50. Wilkinson, Frederick. Small Arms. Hawthorn, 1966. 256p. photos. Covers antique guns. F/F $15
  51. Chapel, Charles. Guns of the Old West. Coward, 1961. 306p. photos. F/F $25 F/F
  52. Hermann, Lt. Col. Ernest. Exterior Ballistics, 1935: Textbook ...Written for Midshipmen at the US Naval Academy. NIP, 1935. 305p. ex.lib. VG+ $40
  53. Hermann, Lt. Col. Ernest. Exterior Ballistics, 1930: Textbook ...Written for Midshipmen at the US Naval Academy. NIP, 1930. 354p. underlined. Copy of L.J. Stocker. VG+ $40
  54. McFarland, Lt. Col. Earl. Textbook of Ordnance & Gunnery. Wiley, 1932. 625p. photos. & illust. USMA text of W.B. Kern. Pencil underlined o/w VG+ $45
  55. Heavey, Maj. Thomas. Machine Gunners’ Manual: Reference Text for Officers & Enlisted Men on the Machine Gun. MSPC, 1936. 448p. Copy of W.B. Kern. F $30
  56. 56. Hayes, Maj. Gen. Thomas. Elements of Ordnance. Wiley, 1945. 715p. photos. NF $50
  57. Barnes, Maj. Gen. G.M. Weapons of World War II. Nostrand, 1947. 317p. photos. Covers all US Army weapons. Rubbed at board edges. VG+ $95
  58. US Army, Ordnance Center & School. Handbook of Ordnance Materiel. ST 9-159. Aberdeen, 1964. 542p. photos. Small wraps. F $35
  59. Owen, J.I.H. (ed). Brassey’s Infantry Weapons of the World, 1950-75. Bonanza, 1975. 323p. photos. F/NF $25
  60. Jane’s Infantry Weapons, 1975. 860p. photos. 1st year of isssue. NF/G $80
  61. Hogg, Ian. Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia of the World’s Firearms. NY: Arms & Armor, 1978. 320p. photos. Oversize. F/F $30
  62. Keith, Elmer. Shotguns by Keith. Bonanza, 1967. 340p. photos. F/F $20
  63. Schroeder, Joseph. Gun Digest Book of Gun Accessories & Services. DBI, 1979. wraps. ex.lib. G $8
  64. Dunlap, Roy. Gun Owner’s Book of Care, Repair & Improvement. Harper, 1974. 336p. photos. F/NF $25
  65. Sharpe, Philip. Complete Guide to Handloading. Funk, 1949. 3d ed. 229p. photos. Oversize. VG+ $55
  66. Standl, Hans. Pistol Shooting as a Sport. Crown, 1975. 117p. photos. F/F $15
  67. Askins, Chas. Pistol Shooters Book: A Modern Encyclopedia. Stackpole, 1957. 347p. photos. NF/G $35
  68. Cradock, Chris. Manual of Clayshooting. London, Batsford, 1986. 182p. F/F $18
  69. Koller, Larry. Fireside Book Of Guns. Simon, 1959. 284p. photos. F/VG $20

  70. Glines, Col. Carroll. Compact History of the US Air Force. Hawthorn, 1973. Rev ed. 366p. ex.lib. NF $20
  71. Glines, Col. Carroll. From the Wright Brothers to the Astronauts: Memoirs of Major General Benjamin D. Foulois. McGraw, 1968. 306p. photos. ex.lib. VG/VG $20
  72. Shiner, John. Foulois & US Army Air Corps, 1931-35. GPO, 1983. 346p. photos. ex.lib. NF $20
  73. Swanborough, F.G. US Military Aircraft Since 1909. 596p. photos, diagr. VG+ $50
  74. Fahey, James. US Army Aircraft, 1908-46. Ships & Aircraft, 1946. 64p. photos. wraps. F $15
  75. Angelucci w/ Bowers. American Fighter: Definitive Guide 1917-Present. Orion, 1985. 480p. photos. Oversize. F/F $50
  76. Spick & Wheeler. New Illustrated Guide to Modern American Fighter & Attack Aircraft. Smithmark, 1982. 155p. photos. F $12
  77. Higham & Williams. Flying Combat Aircraft of USAAF-USAF. Iowa State UP, 1975 & 8. 2 vols. interior
    & exterior photos of: B-25, -26, -10, -17, -12, -24, -32, -47, -57, -58, -29; C-46, -47, -54; F-80, -84, -88, -89, -105, -106, -111, -4, -84, -94, F9F; P-26, -40, -47, -51, -38, -39;  A-1, -7D, AT 6. F/F $80
  78. Knott, Capt. Richard. American Flying Boat: Illustrated History. NIP, 1988. 3d. 261p. photos. Signed.
    F/F $60
  79. Valant, Gary. Vintage Nose Art. Motorbooks, 1990. 2d. 208p. color photos. Oversize. F/NF $45
  80. Jane’s All the World’s Aircraft, 1952/3. photos. Oversize. F $75
  81. Knaack, Marcelle. Post World War II Bombers. GPO, 1988 617p. photos. F/F $20
  82. Thruelsen, Richard. Grumman Story. Praeger, 1976. 401p. photos. ex.lib. VG+ $25
  83. Polmar & Kennedy. Military Helicopters of the World Since 1917. NIP 1981. 370p. photos. ex.lib. VG/VG $20
  84. Clarke, Basil. History of Airships. London: Jenkins, 1961. 194p. photos. ex.lib. VG+ $25
  85. Brown, W.D. Parachutes. London: Pittman, 1951. 322p. photos. Technical: chapter on military parachutes
    & another on chutes for incendiaries. ex.lib. VG $45
  86. Bott, Capt. Alan (RFC) Cavalry of the Clouds. Doubleday, 1918. 266p. ex.lib. front hinge cracked, spine sunned, no label on spine. VG+ $45
  87. Grider, John. War Birds: Diary of an Unknown Aviator. Texas A&M, 1988. Reprint of 1926. 277p. illust. American fighter pilot in WW I. F/F $20
  88. Fales, E.N. Learning to Fly in US Army: A Manual of Aviation Practice. McGraw, 1917. 3d (1918) 180p. photo, diagr, ex.lib. VG $35
  89. Ellington [Field] 1918. np. 318p. photos of planes, field, personnel rosters. Inscribed “Lt. J.H.
    Engelbrecht, US Aviation Corps” no covers. $40
  90. US Army Air Corps. History of 2d Army Air Service. Toul, France: HQ Air Svc, 2d Army, April 1919.
    about 150p. photos VG $250
  91. Munson, Kenneth. Pocket Encyclopedia of World Aircraft: Bombers 1914-19, Patrol & Reconnaissance Aircraft. Blandford, 1968. 180p. color illus F/VG $25
  92. Maurer, Maurer. Aviation in US Army 1919-39. GPO, 1987. 626p. photos. F/NF $20
  93. Gibbons, Floyd. Red Knight of Germany: Story of Baron Von Richtofen. Garden City, 1927 383p. illus. victory credits. VG+ $25
  94. Douhet, Giulio. Command of the Air. GPO, 1983. 394p. First theory of air power. ex.lib. VG $10

  95. AAF. Tech. Order. 09-40CA-4. Parts Catalogue: CG 4A Glider. Jan, 1943. 113p. illust. Exploded diagr. wraps. F $150
  96. AAF. Tech. Order. 09-40CA-1. Pilot’s Handbook of Flight Operating Instructions: CG-4A Glider. Dec. 1942. 9p. photos. wraps. F $55
  97. AAF. Tech, Order. 09-40CA-5. Loading & Unloading of Airborne Task Equipment in Model CG-4A Cargo Glider. Oct 1942. 6p. photos. wraps. NF $40
  98. US Army. New Flying Opportunities: Be A Glider Pilot in the US Army. Recruiting flyer. Folded. 7p. 1942. Water wrinkled. G $20
  99. AAF, Electrical Fundamental Branch, Dept. Tech. Training, Sioux Falls AA Field. 15 STUDENT TEXTS. Stenciled. 1944. $170 ppd
    Transmitters I & II
    VHF Command Set SCR-522.
    Command Set SCR-274N
    Radio Compass SCR-269-G
    Liaison Transmitter AN/ART-13
    Receivers I & II
    Aircraft Radio Fundamentals I & II
    Vacuum Tubes
    Direct Current
    Radio Circuits I & I
  100. Amarillo AA Field, Academic Dept. 1944. 2 folders with material relating to B-29 electrical & other systems photos. About 30p. $3
  101. TM 1-406. Aircraft Electrical Systems. 1942. wraps. 191p. photos. NF $25
  102. TM 1-406. Aircraft Electrical Systems. 1945. Large wraps. 147p. photos. VG $30
  103. TM 1-233. Elementary Physics for Pilot Trainees. 1942. 116p. VG $15
  104. TM 1-408. Aircraft Engine Operation & Test. 1941. 64p. photos. F $20
  105. TM 1-412. Aircraft Propellers. 1940. With Change 1 1941. 107p. photos. F $30
  106. TM 1-205. Air Navigation. 1940. 298p. photos. NF $18
  107. AAF. Aircraft Inspection & Maintenance Guide for P-47 Series Aircraft. Restricted. 133p. wraps. VG+ $20
  108. AAF Training Cmd. E-6B Computer. Navigation Student Workbook for Use in Advanced & Transition Schools. Restricted. 1945. 2d. 38p. spine taped. o/w G $20
  109. US Navy, Off. Naval Intel. Survival on Land & Sea. 1944. wraps. 187p. oriented to SWPAC. F $22
  110. Hall, Grover. 1000 Destroyed: Life & Times of 4th Fighter Group. Morgan, 1961. 2d ed. 286p. rebound green library cloth. # on spine G $25
  111. Fiedler, Arkady. Squadron 303: Story of Polish Fighter Squadron in RAF. Roy, 1943. 1st. 182p. NF $40
  112. Fiedler, Arkady. Squadron 303: Story of Polish Fighter Squadron in RAF. Roy, 1943. 2d. ed. foxing to cover G/G $25
  113. Parham & Belfield. Unarmed Into Battle: Story of Air Observation Post. London: Warren, 1956. 168p. maps, photos. ex.lib., label removed from spine. RAF spotting for artillery, 1939-45. VG $35
  114. Wykeham, Peter. Fighter Command: Study in Air Defense 1914-1960. London: Putnam, 1960. 320p. photos. VG/G $20
  115. Craven & Cate. Army Air Forces in World War II. Vol I. Plans & Early Operations to August 1942. Chicago UP, 1948. 788p. maps, photos. VG+ $55
  116. Craven & Cate. Army Air Forces in World War II. Vol I. Plans & Early Operations to August 1942. Chicago UP, 1948. 788p. maps, photos. ex.lib. #’s on spine. VG $45
  117. Craven & Cate. Army Air Forces in World War II. Vol II. Europe: Torch to Point Blank, Aug. 1942-Dec. 1943. Chicago UP, 1949. 897p. maps, photos. F/G $60
  118. Craven & Cate. Army Air Forces in World War II. Vol III. Europe: Argument to VE Day, Jan 1944-May 1945. Chicago UP, 1951. 946p. maps, photos. VG+ or NF $55
  119. Another. ex.lib. #’s on spine. NF $45
  120. Another. ex.lib. rubbed. G+ $40
  121. Craven & Cate. Army Air Forces in World War II. Vol IV. Pacific: Guadalcanal to Saipan, Aug. 1942-July 1944. Chicago UP, 1950. 825p. maps, photos. ex.lib. #’s on spine. NF $45
  122. Craven & Cate. Army Air Forces in World War II. Vol V. Pacific: Matterhorn to Nagasaki, June 1944-August  1945. Chicago UP, 1953. 878p. maps, photos. ex.lib. #’s on spine. $45 NF
  123. Craven & Cate. Army Air Forces in World War II. Vol VI. Men & Planes. Chicago UP, 1955. 808p. maps, photos. ex.lib. #’s on spine. NF $45
  124. Craven & Cate. Army Air Forces in World War II. Vol VII. Services Around the World. Chicago UP, 1958. 667p. maps, photos. ex.lib. VG $40
  125. Carter & Mueller. Army Air Forces in World War II: Combat Chronology. GPO, 1973. 991p. Day by day operations by numbered air force. ex.lib. NF $40
  126. Maurer, Maurer. Air Force Combat Units of World War II. Watts, 1963. Lineage, Assignments, Stations, Aircraft, Ops. & unit insignia for each unit. ex.lib. 506p. VG $35
  127. Maurer, Maurer. Air Force Combat Units of World War II. GPO 1982 reprint. 506p. F $35
  128. Another. ex.lib. NF $28
  129. Maurer, Maurer. Combat Squadrons of the Air Force: WW II. GPO, 1969. 1st 841p. Lineage, Assignments, Stations, Aircraft, Ops. & unit insignia for each squadron given. ex.lib. NF $45
  130. Howland & Whitley. One Damned Island After Another: Saga of the Seventh Air Force in World War II. Zenger, 1979. 403p. photos. ex.lib. VG/G $22
  131. Granger, Byril. On Final Approach: Women Air Force Service Pilots of World War II. Falconer, 1991. About 600p. photos. F/NF F45
  132. AAF. (Wings at War). Sunday Punch in Normandy: Tactical Use of Heavy Bombardment in the Normandy Invasion.1992 reprint of 1945. 32p. maps & photos. wraps. F $8
  133. Boyne, Walter. Clash of Wings: World War II in the Air. S&S, 1991. 413p. photos. bce? F/F $12
  134. Syunderman, Maj. James. World War II in the Air: Europe. Watts, 1963. 345p. photos. ex.lib. Fair/Fair $12
  135. Hansell, Maj. Gen. Haywood. Air Plan That Defeated Hitler. Atlanta: 1972. 309p. folding maps. Written by a participant of the planning. F/NF $30
  136. Air Superiority in World War II & Korea: Interviews with Generals Furguson, Lee, Momyer, & Quesada. GPO, 1983. 116p. photos. Library bound. F $10
  137. Dugan & Stewart. Polesti: Great Ground-Air Battle August 1943. Random 1962. 407p. photos. F/VG $50
  138. Coffey, Thomas. Decision Over Schweinfurt: 8th AF Battle for Daylight Bombing. McKay, 1977. ex.lib. front flyleaf cut out, no pockets or labels. VG/VG $22
  139. Jablonski, Edward. Double Strike: Regensburg-Schweinfurt, 1943. Doubleday, 271p. bce. F $8
  140. Thruelsen & Arnold. Mediterranean Sweep: Air Stories from El Alamein to Rome. Duell, 1944. 278p. illus. ex.lib. label on spine VG $30
  141. Kaplan & Smith. One Last Look: A Sentimental Journey to 8th AF Heavy Bomber Bases of World War II in England. Abbeville, 1983. 216p. photos Oversize. F/F $30
  142. MacIsaac, David. Strategic Bombing in World War II: Story of the US Strategic Bombing Survey. Garland, 1976. 231p. ex.lib. NF $20
  143. Tacto (Architect). Planned A.R.P.: Based on Investigation of Structural Protection Against Air Attack in the Metropolitan Borough of Finsbury. 1941. 1st US. 138p. illust. ex.lib. NF $35
  144. Grow, LTC Malcolm (MD) & Armstrong. Fit to Fly: Medical Handbook for Fliers. Appleton, 1941. 387p. G+/G+ $35
  145. US AAF. The Observer: Brooks Field [TX] Vol 2, No 11. March 1942. 30p. mimeo. minor damage to last few pages. Trained arty spotters. $20
  146. Holmes, lst Lt. W.W. Air Corps. Flight Instruction in Observation Aviation. mimeo 2p. 1918? $10
    146. US AAF.
    Baseleg Class 41D. soiled. $35
  147. The Observer: Brooks Field Class 41-E. soiled $20
  148. Braddon, Russell. Cheshire VC: Study in War & Peace. Evans, 1954. photos. Bio of Group Capt. Leonard Cheshire 617 Squad RAF. corner bumped o/w VG+/VG $45
  149. Copp, Dewitt. A Few Great Captains: Men & Events That Shaped the Development of US Air Power. Doubleday, 1980 1st. 531p. Covers 1903-1940. F/NF $25
  150. Copp, Dewitt. Forged in Fire: Strategy & Decision in the Air War Over Europe, 1940-45. Doubleday, 1982. 531p. photos. F/NF $25
  151. Another. ex.lib. VG/VG $17
  152. Puryear, Edgar. Stars in Flight: Study of Air Force Character & Leadership. Presidio, 1981. 295p. ex.lib. VG/VG $18
  153. Arnold, H.H. Global Mission. Harper, 1949. 624p. photos. Chief of Army Air Force in World War II. F/VG $30
  154. US AAF. Second Report of the Commanding General, Army Air Forces to Secretary of War., Feb 1945. 93p. photos, maps. ex.lib. orig. wraps bound in stiff boards. VG $25
  155. Coffey, Thomas. HAP: Story of the USAF & the Man Who Built It, General Henry ‘Hap’ Arnold. Viking: 1982. 416p. ex.lib. NF/NF $18
  156. Scott, Col. Robert. God is My Co-Pilot. Scribner, 1943. not 1st. 277p. photos. yellow covers. Pilot with the Flying Tigers. NF $20
  157. LeMay, Gen. Curtis. Mission With LeMay. Doubleday, 1965. minor water damage to rear board & DJ. VG/G+ $16
  158. Ayling, Keith. Old Leatherface of the Flying Tigers: Story of General Chenault. Bobbs, 1945. 274p. photos. ex.lib. last few pages water stained o/w VG+ $25
  159. Flying (Magazine) US Naval Aviation Issue 1943. Bound presentation copy to Lt. Claiborne Pell. Many photos. F $30
  160. Roscoe, Theodore. On the Seas & in the Skies: History US Naval Airpower. Hawthorn, 1970. 690p. ex.lib. back hinge weak. Fair $15
  161. Merrill, James. Target Tokyo: Halsey- Doolittle Raid. McNally, 1964. 208p. photos. wraps. Fair/G $12
  162. Doolittle, Gen. James & Glines. I Could Never be So Lucky Again. Bantam, 1991. 1st. 574p. photos. ex.lib. NF/NF $16
  163. Davis, Lt. Gen. Benj. O. Autobiography Benjamin O. Davis: American. Smithsonian, 1991. 442p. photos. AF General: Tuskeegee airman. Signed. F/F $45
  164. Another. F/F $20
  165. Tedder, Lord. With Prejudice: War Memoirs of Marshal of the Royal Air Force. Little, 1966. 1st US. 692p. maps. F/VG $45
  166. Sakamaki, Kazuo. I Attacked Pearl Harbor. Assoc. P., 1949. 133p. F $55
  167. Nagatsuka, Ryuji. I Was a Kamikaze. MacMillan, 1973. 212p. photos. F/F $30

  168. Squadron Administration. MSPC, 1955 3d. 476p. ex.lib. back hinge cracked. o/w VG $25
  169. AAF. AAF Radio Facilities Charts. 1947. 102p. wraps. soiled. G $15
  170. Borowski, Harry. Hollow Threat: Strategic Air Power & Containment Before Korea. Greenwood, 1982. 242p. ex.lib. VG $15
  171. Ravenstein, Charles. Air Force Combat Wings: Lineage & Honors Histories 1947-77. GPO, 1986. 341p. illust w/ distinctive insignia. ex.lib. NF $20
  172. Thompson, Capt. A.G. Greatest Airlift: Story of Combat Cargo. Japan: Dia Nippon, 1954 lst. 464p. photos. Troop carriers in Korean War: 315 Air Division. F $80
  173. US Army. US Army Aviation Digest. ex.lib. bound in black cloth. F $35 per vol.
    Vol IX. 1963,
    Vol. XIX 1973
  174. Mrozek, Don. Air Power & the Ground War in Vietnam. Pergamon, 1989. 196p. ex.lib. NF/NF $25
  175. Broughton, Col. Jack. Thud Ridge. Lippincott, 1969. 2d. 254p. ex.lib. VG/VG $20
  176. Broughton, Col. Jack. Going Downtown: War Against Hanoi & Washington. Orion, 1988. 300p. photos. F/F $25
  177. Broughton, Col. Jack. Going Downtown: War Against Hanoi & Washington. Orion, 1988. 300p. photos. ex.lib. highlighting. F/VG+ $12
  178. Trotti, John. Phantom Over Vietnam: Fighter Pilot USMC. Presidio, 1984. 250p. ex.lib. VG/VG $18
  179. Jackson, Robert. Jet Age: True Tales of the Air Since 1945. St. Martins 1980. 157p. ex.lib. no label. VG+/VG $10
  180. Everett-Heath, John. Design, Development & Tactics of Soviet Helicopters. Jane’s, 1983. 178p. photos. ex.lib. NF $22
  181. Knaack, Marcelle. Encyclopedia of US Air Force Aircraft & Missile Systems. Vol I. Post World War II Fighters, 1945-73. GPO, 1978. 358p. photos. F $20
  182. Labarge, Lt. Col. William & Holt. Sweetwater Gunslinger 201: Saga of Carrier Pilots. Aero, 1984. 1st. 190p. photos. Fiction. Signed. F/VG $12

  183. Swinton, E.D. Defense of Duffer’s Drift. Avery, 1986 reprint of 1907. 72p. illust. F $10
  184. US. Military Laws of the US, 1915. GPO, 1915. 752p. back hinge cracked, light soil to cover. VG $20
  185. MacQuarrie, Lt. Hector (RA). How to Live at the Front: Tips for American Soldiers. Lippincott, 1918. 5th. 269p. ex.lib. Fair $10
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    US ARMY IN WORLD WAR II. Next 9 items.
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