Timely and Accurate Transcripts

When you need to rely on a printed record of audiotaped discussions, you require more than a mere replication of the words that were spoken. In creating such records it is vital to retain as much as possible of the speaker's tone and emphasis.

As project manager of my own organization's oral history work, and as editor of its publications, I am aware of the critical roles punctuation and typographical style play in conveying both mood and meaning. I understand the importance of consistency and accuracy for those who will be using the transcripts for research and publication.

I believe that a thorough and attentive final audit of the transcript (proofreading it while re-playing the tape) is essential. I endeavor to verify place name spellings and to clarify allusions to historical events, and will flag all questionable or problematic items for your attention.

I can work from standard audio cassettes, CDs, or other digital formats.

Service includes:

Clean printout
   -- spell-checked and audited against tape
   -- formatted, punctuated, and/or annotated for accurate record of
        speaker's meaning and tone (as best as can be determined)
   -- with reasonable effort made to verify spellings of place names and
         historical allusions, through library or online reference sources
A copy on disk or sent as email attachment;
A title page or separate sheet with synopsis of contents, narrator data,
        and project's or organization's data;
A separate sheet listing unresolved name spellings, references, or other
Quick turnaround

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Preparing a tape for transcription