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Welcome to the Base Camp!

Do you enjoy surfing the Net, but feel you should be doing something useful with your time?
On a Word Safari you can expand your vocabulary while exploring remote cybertrails.

What is a Word Safari?

It's a vocabulary guessing game. Follow the Fresh Tracks link to a list of words that serious readers often think they know. Do you?

If you guess a word's meaning correctly, you'll have a chance to track it to other places in the World Wide Wilderness where it's been spotted, and learn how other writers have used it. Some trails lead to popular locales, others to less-traveled regions of the Web -- you might find some new favorites while you're at it.

In other words, once you're on the trail you'll be visiting other web sites. Use your browser's Back button to return, or bookmark this site before you leave.

What do the other links do?

Some expeditions might take you to pages that lack navigation aids. Read the Navigation & Search Hints before you leave to find out how to deal with these situations. If you're new to Web browsing, consult the Hints also to learn how to use your browser's Find command. You'll need it to ferret out specific words when they're buried in long passages of text. Under Expedition Gear you'll find links to tools (on other sites) with which to hone your skills.

Ready? Put on your pith helmet and start up the Land Rover. Before you set off, bookmark this site for easy rescue in case you fall into any quicksand pits (multiple browser windows). Return to Base Camp (this page) to review any of this information. If your trail turns cold (goes to an outdated link), notify the Game Warden at the email address below. By the time you return, you'll have a new word to hang in your trophy room. Happy exploring.

Come back often -- new big-game words are added every week.

©1998, 1999, 2000 Ruth Pettis (Game Warden) ------ Site Concept

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