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English-language Literature on the Web

directories and finding aids

The On-Line Books Page -- A major catalogue of public domain litature available online. Searchable by author, title, and subject.

English Literature Resources on the Web -- Attractive and easy-to-navigate directory maintained at Adelaide University in Australia. It has sections devoted to African, American, and Australian literature and to several periods and genres.

Yahoo! ... Electronic Literature -- The popular Web portal's listing of literature sites.

American Literature ... 1820-1890 -- Produced as a resource for a Gonzaga University literature class, this elegant and well-organized site provides links to the works of 19th century American writers.

A Celebration of Women Writers -- Guide to women's writings on the Web, browsable by author, century, and country.

Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts -- Listing by title/subject of myth and folktale collections representing many cultures of the world.

The Internet Public Library -- Hosts a number of resources -- the "Online Texts Collection" provides links to over 13,000 titles; browsable by author, title, or Dewey Decimal Classification.

The Modern Word -- Site devoted to modern fiction and its readers, with special sections on Joyce, Becket, Kafka, Pynchon, Eco, and Márquez. Many links to articles, interviews, and reviews.

Online American Literature Resources -- The Heath Anthology of American Literature's guide to online literature organized by historical period, regional sources, and ethnic cultures.

Online Books FAQ -- Guide and links to significant Etext collections on the Internet.

major literary collections

Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts -- Classics in English and American literature and Western philosophy. Author, title, and date indexes and text search access. Output is in .txt format, with download options for several brands of e-text readers. -- Internet publisher of public domain fiction, reference works, poetry, and non-fiction as formatted text. Text-searchable; browsable by author and title.

Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE -- Follow the "Collections" link to browse the many collections of texts and images hosted by the UC Berkeley Library and Sun Microsystems, Inc. Among them are Literature @ SunSITE, the Online Medieval and Classical Library, and the writings and papers of several literary and historical figures.

Bibliomania -- U.K. site hosting hundreds of searchable full text works of classic fiction, popular fiction, short stories, drama, poetry, dictionaries, research and religious texts. Site structure is kept uncomplicated to make it accessible to screen readers and speech synthesisers serving the visually impaired. -- Selected novels and short fiction in .txt format, browsable by author. The site has 40 specialized collections in many scholarly fields.

Etexts -- Extensive collection of public domain literature, mostly in .zip files. Some .html selections available.

Project Gutenberg -- In operation since 1971, this archive contains approximately 3000 works of public domain literature in .txt and .zip formats. Text-searchable; browsable by author and title.

Humanities Text Intitiative -- Access to several collections at the University of Michigan, including the American Verse Project. Text-searchable; browsable by author.

Litrix Reading Room -- Public domain fiction formatted for easy viewing on the screen; browsable by author and title. Includes sections devoted to "the Bard," mystery, sci-fi, horror, westerns, and literature from the North.

Luminarium -- Elegant collection of Medieval, Renaissance, and 17 Century texts.

University of Virginia Electronic Text Center -- Follow the "Collections" link to their extensive collections of literature in several languages. You can search or browse the Modern English Collection, and consult many other English Online Resources.

Wiretap Electonic Text Archive -- Established in 1990 as a pre-Web gopher repository for many types of electronic texts. Follow "The Wiretap Online Library" link for a current directory of .txt files.

specialized collections

19th Century American Women Writers Web Etext Library -- Poetry, speeches, and essays by 15 authors, plus abolitionist and suffrage papers.

African American Women Writers of the Nineteenth Century -- A collection of 52 works by 19th-century black women writers published in books and pamphlets prior to 1920. A project of the New York Public Library's Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. (Requires a frames-enabled browser.)

American Literary Classics -- Gives you a chapter a day formatted for Web browser reading. Archive of several dozen other works available.

BookRags -- Commercial site with free content that includes 1500 e-books, study guides to approximtely 100 old and modern classics, quizzes, and other amusements.

The Internet Classics Archive -- Over 400 Greco-Roman works in English translation. Hosted at MIT; access is by text search and author list.

Library of Southern Literature -- Extensive collection from the University of North Carolina, formatted for HTML and SGML viewers. Favors fast connections, since book-length works are formatted as single files.

The Naked Word -- Public domain works selected for their "deserved" obscurity, because they "would probably otherwise vanish forever," but which could still bring delight to future historians.

The Oubliette -- Attractively designed site hosts works by several "neglected and obscure writers," poets from England, Scotland, Japan, and Iran.

An Online Library of Literature -- Selected works from online text collections, corrected and formatted for screen reading. Access via author index.

Poets' Corner -- Collection of selected works by over 670 poets, with author and title indexes, text search, and biographical information.

A Selection of Poetry -- Just what it says.

University of Virginia Ongoing Hypertext Projects -- A project of students in the American Studies Program; HTML-formatted works of several 19th century authors.

Victorian Women Writers Project -- Works by British women writers of the 19th century, including anthologies, novels, political pamphlets, religious tracts, children's books, and volumes of poetry and verse drama. Text searchable; author and title list.

World Wide School -- Look in the Library for classics, youth fiction, and non-fiction attractively formatted for screen viewing; subject, author, and title indexes.

strictly shakespeare

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare -- MIT's version of the Complete Moby(tm) Shakespeare, attractively formatted for browser reading.

Complete Moby(tm) Shakespeare -- Source files in .txt format. Includes a glossary. -- The "First Web Folio" edition of all the plays, formatted for browser reading, plus the Poetry Machine (see under Word Games, below).

Folger Shakespeare Library -- Beautifully designed site offers illustrations from rare editions, information about the library's holdings and events, and links to bibliographic resources.

Internet Shakespeare Editions -- Fascinating site hosted by the University of Victoria, British Columbia. Features draft texts of Quarto and Folio editions of the plays, showing the original spellings. Site also has many articles on Shakespeare's life and times, and discussions on designing formats for Internet editions.

Literary Links: Shakespeare and
Shakespeare -- Directories of links to Shakespeare resources, organized by topic.

Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet -- An extensive annotated guide to Shakespeare resources available on Internet. Links to hundreds of sites hosting texts of the plays as well as supplementary materials.


ESL / EFL Resources

Article Usage -- Technical explanation, in English, of when to use a, an, and the

BBC World Service: English language learning and teaching -- Reading and listening activities based on news stories

Business English Exercises -- Well-designed workouts on grammar, spelling, vocabulary, idioms, and other topics (some use Javascript and Shockwave)

Comenius English Language Center -- Short fables provide reading and vocabulary practice; common idioms are explained and pronounced

Dave's ESL Café -- Resources for students and teachers, message board for students' questions, and extensive catalog of links, among other offerings

English Lessons and Tests -- Fun Javascript quizzes on a range of topics and levels, by Elek Máthé -- Daily lessons, vocabulary & comprehension quizzes, and a dictionary of American English expressions

English Page -- Online lessons for intermediate and advanced students -- Well-designed site, accessible in 11 languages. Activities, lessons, listening exercises, and discussion area.

ESL Monkeys -- Offers some useful exercises for basic English reading, writing, and vocabulary development. Also has a database of lesson plan ideas for teachers.

ESL Teachers Board -- Essays, exercises, games, teaching suggestions, and discussion boards for those involved in ESL.

freeEnglish -- Clever Javascript and Shockwave exercises test verb tenses, vocabulary, and other skills. Site also has message board and chat. (These are free online samples from the downloadable English Pro training program.)

The IdiomConnection -- Explanations of common English expressions that might confuse those new to the langauge who attempt to interpret them literally. Listed both alphabetically and by topic.

Interesting Things for ESL Students -- Lots of games, puzzles, and exercises.

The Internet TESL Journal -- Articles and lesson ideas for teachers; hundreds of self-study quizzes for students; thousands of links to other sites.

its-online -- subscription e-zine for teachers of English, with an online archive of reading/writing activities based on popular culture

A Language Museum -- Curious and interesting uses of the English language, including text and sound files of Gerald Nolst Trenite's poem "The Chaos," which highlights some of the most vexing spellings and pronunciations. Site owner John Higgins provides other useful exercises; I especially recommend Hidden Words for listening practice.

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab -- Good site design; helpful RealAudio sound files and related exercises to develop listening comprehension skills.

Taiwan Teacher -- Exercises, activities, quizzes, and links for teaching of English

Vocabulary Workshop -- Meanings of prefixes and suffixes with a list of vocabulary words to study for the TOEFL test

WWlib - Notes on American English -- Helpful list showing the differences between British and American terminology and spelling, with some attention also to Canadian variants. Links to more resources of this type can be found at: BritSpeak -- British-American Dictionaries on the WWW


Word Games and Amusements

All Mixed Up - Hangman -- Like the one you played in 2nd grade.

Beat the Dictionary -- Random House's challenging variant of hangman. (In the same section is a feature called "Word List," a random sampling of dictionary entries, but beware: the retrieval process sometimes drops or mis-displays letters.)

Car Talk Hate Mail Division -- Well-designed mad-libs. Choose your favorite nemesis and vent your spleen.

Bert Christensen's Truth & Humour Collection -- Repository of email-circulated humor favorites such as "English Pronunciation!?!," "Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy," and others.

Cobuild Competition -- Guess the missing word from a set of concordance lines.

Dunceinstein -- Addictive hangman-like game.

EnglishCLUB Games Room -- Hangman, crosswords, and a typing test. -- Hilarious examples of anagrams, palindromes, spoonerisms, and other wordly amusements. Words -- Delightfully illustrated verbal skill games for kids (and for those who need to brush up). The site covers other subjects as well.

The gobbledygook generator -- Part of the Plain English Campaign's site. Instant buzzphrases at the click of a mouse.

Guardian Unlimited: Haiku contest -- Make up an haiku about the day's news and win Penguin classics. Also has links to other good haiku sites.

The Genuine Haiku Generator -- A JavaScript application that generates random word combinations to produce syntactically-correct Haiku poems. The site also allows you to save and send an Haiku greeting to a friend. Links to more resources on Haiku.

Hangman -- Colorful version from

Hapax Legomena -- Guess where in the Britannica the given phrase occurs. Warning: addictive.

HoadWorks -- Home of the WordlyWise puzzles.

Icon Poet -- A slightly different take on refrigerator magnet poetry; this JavaScript program generates random words in the sequence, tense, number, and phrase structure you specify.

Magnetic Poetry -- Refrigerator magnet poetry for kids. Unscramble a set of poems appropriate for young readers ("The Cat in the Rain," "The Fisherman," "The Spider") or create your own.

Merriam-Webster's Word Games -- Playful erudition; four types of games and a 2-month archive.

Poetry Machine -- Re-write Shakespeare! A roll of the dice gives you a selection of the Bard's vocbulary to re-arrange to your own mind's fancy.

Puzzability -- Well-crafted and challenging Java puzzles.

Says You! -- A site where fans of public radio's popular "words and whimsy" show can match wits with the panelists, dispute definitions, and send in their own puzzle questions.

The Song of Solomon Illustrated -- A very literal interpretation.

Susie's Place -- Your online source for Crambo, Doggerel, and Stinky Pinky.

Twenty Questions -- Play the old "Animal, Vegetable, or Mineral?" game with an artificial intelligence. It learns from experience, so the more you play, the better it gets. Warning: very addictive.

links to word games

Word Play -- The mother of all wordfun lists, with helpful annotations

Yahoo!: Words and Wordplay
Netscape Netcenter: Word Games
Snap:Entertainment: Word Play

crossword puzzles

AllWords Crossword Solver
Jumble and Crossword Solver
Wordsmyth Crossword Puzzle Helper -- Useful accomplices for those times when you're stumped.

Excite Classic Games: crossword
Yahoo!'s crossword listings
The Crossword Directory
Online Crosswords
Cross Country


Of Interest

AltaVista Translations: Babel Fish -- Computer translations of text from English to other European languages (sometimes with amusing results)

The Pangram page -- Test your fonts with these

PhoneSpell -- If you're one of those lucky folks with no zeros or ones in your phone number, you can find out what it spells here.

Sounds of the World's Animals -- See how people in many other cultures and languages interpret common animal sounds.


Website Directories

If you still haven't found what you're looking for, it's probably in one of these lists:

EDU2 : English/Writing -- Long list of sites, by topic.

English Language & Culture resources -- compiled by Ohio University CALL Lab.

English-Online.Net -- Searchable collection of links to grammar, literature, and language learning resources.

English Vocabulary Links -- Links to games, puzzles, quizzes, and vocabulary-improvement sites.

Every Student's Internet Resource Guide -- English -- Interesting selection of sites on literature, old English, poetry, and grammar.

Garbl's Word Links -- Extensive annotated directory.

K-12 Internet Resources, compiled by Edmonds (WA) School Dist. Directory of hundreds of educational sites, with extensive sections devoted to Language -- ESL -- and Vocabulary and Word Games.

Language Sites on the Internet -- From Verbivore.

On Writing -- Word for Word's extensive list of writers' resources, with particular attention to Australian sites.

Open Directory -- Links to Language resources--English and Word Games

Portland Community College, Links for Students -- Grammar, TOEFL, reading, writing, pronunciation, magazines, vocabulary, poetry, and listening

Study Web: Grammar and Composition links -- Directory of educational sites rated for grade-level appropriateness

Virtual Reference Sites -- English

webindex -- Hundreds of useful links under: Language Arts -- Lexicon -- English as a Second Language -- Word Games

Word Surfing -- Site devoted to vocabulary development strategies, with an annotatated directory of hundreds of English improvement sites.

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