"Word Safari"

Searching and Navigation Hints


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Finding your quarry

If you land in a dense thicket of words and can't spot your quarry, look for a "Find" command under your browser's Edit menu and type or paste the word into the dialog box. Wait until all the text of the site has loaded and press the Enter key. On commercial or ad-heavy sites you may have to click on or select some text first, for the Find command to work.

Navigation using the URL

If you land in the middle of an interesting site that doesn't have any navigation buttons, you can explore it via the "Location" or "Address" box in your browser. Place your cursor at the end of the URL (address), click once to turn off the highlight, backspace to the next slash ( / ), and hit the Enter key. If you get an "Access denied" message, just repeat the process, backing up through the address until you arrive at a home page.

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