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trompe l'oeil

style of painting or decorating emphasizing realistic detail, to "fool the eye"


Sharing the art of deception with the citizens of Nebraska
(Explore for examples and for more exhibits)

It's all about illusions
(Explore the URL for Western Civ morsels)

There's less to this bridge than meets the eye

Make them think your wall is a picture window

Of cabbages and cukes

Puzzling objects: go here first -- today's Safari word is in the answer
(Explore the site for more Smithsonian fun.)

A feast for the eyes

A virtual rosary from the 15th century
(Explore the URL for an art journal)

Fans of art, or the art of fans
(Explore if you're a collector of fans and dance cards)

Chinese snuff bottles and porcelain imitations
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