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involving rascals or knaves; a type of fiction, often episodic,
dealing with roguish characters or adventurers

Powell's Books


Sixteenth Century roots

The titles that started it all — reading lists:
from Notre Dame — from UCLA — some classics of Spanish literature

Continuing the tradition in other locales:
Russianizing it — urban fictions in Australia — the streets of Lodz

Favorite overlooked books

A gateless gate, a foxy mustache

Modern-day examples (blurbs and reviews):
Life on a Hawaii plantation — a reformed pickpocket — a female protagonist and some knockabout characters

A study guide to Huck Finn

What GenX had to put up with

Films: The Little Tramp and The Kid — where is Gris-Gris ? — breaking all the rules of cinema craft

How to write for children


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