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absolute, conclusive; not subject to appeal or reconsideration;
in a commanding manner, haughty, imperious


A Martian aristocrat

Some clues to remembering

Not susceptible to threats or bribes

Out of sight but pulling the strings

Chronicles of Balkan conflict

Haiti's promise
(explore the URL to find a fascinating example of African-American genealogy)

Is studying pop rhetoric fun, or what ?

Sardinia commemorates one of its artists
(explore the URL to see examples; requires a frames-able browser)

Taking the Western Code into his own hands

A Cree legend
(explore the URL to find a detailed attempt to account for a Biblical phenomenon)

Often encountered legal sense:
peremptory challenge of jurors -- the right to challenge without assigning any cause

The ideal jury

Juries -- a process of elimination

What to expect when you get the call

Unanswered questions in the Mumia case


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