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pertaining to coastal areas or lake shores, especially the zone between high- and low-water marks ("littoral property") -- noun: a coastal region or shore

(See also riparian.)


Words to bird by (explore for birdwatchers' resources, incl. watercolors and photos)

Words to reclaim by (explore for dams)

How to speak Marine Biology (explore the URL for an online tour)

Productive, dynamic, and full of protein

Vagabond shores

Where the Boobies hang out

Beach blast -- Hot cones (explore for a model volcano pattern) -- Spun from Pele's hair

Seery-ous science: tour the tide pools

Serious science: measure beach accretion rates

Portal to the Pacific Rim

Skiers have artificial snow, surfers have . . .

Brown-water warfare -- Fleets of the world

Asteroids and landslides: it's all tsunami science


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