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a small gift, especially one given to a customer in addition to a purchase;
a complimentary or extra item, "for good measure"; a bonus; an unexpected gift or benefit

[ lan-YAP or LAN-yap ]


Doing business in New Orleans

How to talk like a Yat
(explore the URL for Cajun recipes and dancing swamp critters)

And this is only the First Year

Southern memories

The early bird gets the blues

Radio waves from the Big Band days

Cruisin' with the blues
(explore for D.C. blues news)

Experience the Crescent City

Get into Chicago

Selling books with a better mousetrap

Jump up and shout "Eeeeeehaaaaa!"
(explore for Zydeco and recipes)

Tracking down the family words
(explore the URL for more Cajun culture)

Touring Louisiana's past


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