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a circular or spiral motion; a circular ocean current; vortex;
to move in a circular or spiral direction


Yeats, part 1: The slouching beast approaches
(Explore for more classic poets)

Yeats, part 2: Standing in God's holy fire
(See also an explication)

Understanding the ocean's moves

The holy family on a hubcap
(explore the URL for more writings on African-inspired art)

Riding the current until they're grown

Shaky shelves at the Institute
(explore to find what's been mything from your life)

Well-traveled sharks (explore for science mysteries)
and playful octopi

Stolen glimpses of public life
(explore for more teaching resources from the New York Times)

Trashing the sea

View from The Rock -- a dam across the Strait?

Once upon a brillig frabjous day . . .
And it makes sense (sort of)

What's a nice poem like you doing in a cyberpunk place like this?
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