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deus ex machina

a contrived solution to an apparently unresolvable plot or situation;
a person, thing, or event providing such a solution, such as a last-minute rescue


Gods, cranes, and the cavalry

The language of theater and classics

A primer for budding sci-fi writers
(explore for Voyager fan fiction)

Theatrical machinery
(explore for a history of singing)

Ben Sisko and the Prophets -- a wasted opportunity
(explore for more Star Trek discussions)

CortÚs -- a minor distraction
(explore the URL for movie reviews and curmudgeonly commentary)

The Hanlon-Lees -- excelling in macabre pantomimes and throwing themselves about

Send in the witches -- a problematic Macbeth
(explore for New York theater news)

Donald Turnipseed's dubious fame

Art for the automotive cathedral
(explore for more art news and online exhibitions)

Read about your favorite (?) movies:
She kept the other shoe on -- One guy running around D.C. in his pajamas
All action and no Whoopie -- Deus saves the day

When Xena jumped the shark
(explore for more TV discussions)

Adventures in web art:
Lord of the Gears -- a recent acquisition


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