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to melt away or disappear; chemistry: to turn to liquid through absorption of moisture;
botany: to branch out without forming a main stem; to become fluid or soft (as with certain fungi)

[ rhymes with "jelly press" ]


Deconstructing the rabbit-proof fence
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What you might find in the Palace of Green Porcelain

Occupational hazards for potters
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Kentuckians: know your minerals!

New Hampshire-ites: know your mushrooms!
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St. Emiliano and the minor league lions
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The view through the pecan trees
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Life on Mars -- what are the rules?
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How to really insult someone
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search on deliquescence :

Maybe this is how Odo linked with the Founders

Walt Whitman on dying: what The Atlantic wouldn't print (until a century later)

Are there water-soluble organics in your clouds?
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