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adj.: pertaining to mirrors and reflections; using a mirror to focus light; produced by reflection
noun (catoptrics): branch of optics dealing with mirrors and reflected images



It's done with mirrors
(explore for images from microscopes)

A history of pseudonyms
(tip: look in the end of the 5th paragraph)

How to buy a telescope

For lighthouse buffs:
Ancient Rome and North Carolina
Of white stone, scrupulously clean, and in the charge of a young woman

You, too, can overcome chromatic aberration
(explore for a physics museum)


Spherical aberration and the colors of sunset
(explore for more articles on Muslim science and culture)

Tempting the emperor with science

Debating the properties of light
(explore for more mathematical history)

The history of optics

Was the Archimedes bath story an urban myth?
(explore the URL for more web projects on physics)

Timelines of science and math
(explore both for more science goodies)

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