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affability, geniality; a friendly and approachable disposition
     [ rhymes (sort of) with: "On a spree," or "Wanna see?" ]


Willy Loman or John D. Rockefeller, Sr.?

Where to get a degree in the great outdoors

How to succeed by having fun

Dubya's only skill

Game show hosts don't get no respect
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The right stuff for an arts administrator

The right stuff for a circuit riding minister

John Stuart Mill: on cuddly cut-throat capitalism, and in the company of clerihews

Hyderabad kids speak out on child marriage

Prostitution -- a tough job, but someone's gotta document it

When it's faked it's immoral
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Intrigue at a bioweapons test facility
and at a Pacifica station (explore for a Sixties listserve)


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