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an insignificant or unimportant thing, a trifle;
a short musical or literary piece; a game resembling billiards


Propelled by fulminating cotton -- piece of cake, really

Stay cool on the Internet: use your emoticons

Eighty thousand pounds -- such a deal

Good Tom/Bad Tom -- young scholars look at Jefferson and the slavery question

Sesame Street smokers -- Tobacco targets tots

Staphylococci are crafty creatures

Crime is relative

Fallingwater -- a house is more than a home

musical forays

Beethoven for the online listener:
Classical Masterpieces (requires QuickTime) -- Music & More (requires QuickTime)
-- and Glenn Gould (requires RealAudio)

The complete Clara Schumann site

Classical guitarists convene

William Walton's music for guitar (requires QuickTime)

the games people play

Skill in the pub

Dickens, Lincoln, and Louis XIV

Adorable marbles

A family business steeped in sports history

Who knows what pinball lurks . . . ?

Richmond's regulations

Winkers' world


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