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noun: something (such as medicine) that relieves pain;
something (such as a pastime) that soothes or comforts

adjective: capable of assuaging pain; comforting or soothing; inoffensive, innocuous, or insipid


An agent you want on your side (explore for heath info resources)

Rethinking marriage and divorce (explore for speeches by famous women)

Forget your washtubs -- welcome aboard (explore for an analysis of theater in the South)

No more Mr. Nice Tunes ! (explore for a Gilbert & Sullivan archive)

aka: Set-Well, Vandal Root, and Capon's Tail

Following where the music led him

They once held opium

Nature's narcotic for the aging (explore for resources on Clarence Darrow)

It's white and crystalline -- not what you're thinking

Waltzing while Austria burned: "They all lived in cuckoo-land"

Taking liberties with the trinity

Surprising revelations at a museum conference


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