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I n f o r m a n t s :
NPR hourly update
BBC radio summary
Globe and Mail
Vancouver Sun
Air America
Guardian Unlimited
BBC Online
Transitions Online
World Press Review
the Gully
Common Dreams
AP Wire
CNN Interactive
ABC RawNews
Molly Ivins
Fanatical Apathy
Working For Change
Greg Palast
Boston Globe
Washington Post
L.A. Times
Central Europe Review
Women's e-news

L o c a l :
Seattle Times
Seattle P-I
Seattle Weekly
The Stranger
Internet Seattle
Seattle Insider
Yahoo! News: Seattle
digitalcity Seattle (Netscape)
Seattle Community Network
Seattle Press
Washington Free Press
independent media center
Seattle Gay News
Seattle City Council
Official U.S. time (Pacific)
Seattle Time
Is it yard waste or recycling this week?
What goes in the recycling bin?
Metro Transit
Puget Sound Traffic
NOAA Seattle Weather
NOAA Puget Sound Weather
NOAA Western Washington Marine Forecast
NOAA Washington Tide Reports
Yahoo Seattle Weather
NOAA East and Central Pacific Imagery
Western US NOAA satellite image
Pacific Northwest Seismograph
AOL Cityguide: Seattle Movies
Yahoo! TV Listings
Yahoo! Seattle Metro guide
D a i l y__c h e c k - i n :
The Hunger Site
The Breast Cancer Site
The Rainforest Site
More Click Philanthropy sites

Earth and Sky
Garden Web forums (fora?)
Daily Zen
Merriam-Webster word of the day

A m u s e m e n t s :
Merriam-Webster daily word game
Haiku Generator
Icon Poet
Hapax Legomena
Song of Solomon, illustrated
Java Games & Puzzles Gallery
Illusion Works
Hampster Dance
St. Paul's chain epistle
The BeanWeb
R e a d i n g__m a t t e r s :
Arts and Letters -- SciTech Daily Review -- The On-Line Books Page -- Clearvigil in Spring ( Asturias ) -- Atlantic Unbound -- Salon -- Feminista! -- Lingua franca -- Ishmael Reed Publications -- Radical Urban Theory -- explorezone -- lemonyellow -- Idea Central -- hot ink -- MoJoWire -- Feed (archive) -- Space Daily -- The Straight Dope -- Postmodern Culture -- Wired News -- Proyecto Sherezade -- Bad Subjects -- vision of the future -- Gadfly --

Neat New Stuff [Marylaine Block] Found on the Net This Week -- memepool

more photoshop phoolery

C o o l _ i n t e r a c t i v e s :
Memory Maze
Twenty Questions
Test your Geography Knowledge
ASL Fingerspelling Quiz
Mars Rover
Eye4U modular websynth
Mapit Zapit
Poetry Machine
Word Quiz
Adaptive Quiz Platform (French, Spanish, more)
Amy Denio & Spoot Music (fun w. mouseovers)
North West Coast Printmakers (exercise in NW coast indigenous art styles)
Museum of Anthropology, University of British Columbia (menu of online exhibits)

W o m e n _ W o r l d w i d e :
Women For Women International
Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan
National Geographic Afghan Girls Fund
Fazaldad Human Rights Institute
Irshad Manji

F o o d _ f o r _ T h o u g h t :
A ridiculously simple solution to web archiving
Traffic Waves
Nuclear Blast Mapper (Would you survive?)
I n d i s p e n s i b l e s :
Hypertext Webster Gateway
Merriam-Webster search
Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition
glbtq.com encyclopedia
Library of Congress
ZIP+4 Code Look-up
Reverse Phone Directory
Internet Movie Database
World Wide Gazeteer
Yahoo! Currency Conversion
Encyclopedia Smithsonian
Common Errors in English
Folksongs of the World
Time/Life Plant Encyclopedia
RhymeZone rhyming dictionary and thesaurus
Google image search
Lycos MultiMedia search engine
Open Directory
Study Web
Fravia's Web Searchlores
Ask Jeeves
H e a r , h e a r :
Reggae 97.3 FM, British Virgin Islands -- Radio Free New Orleans -- Primarily A Cappella Radio -- ANET (acoustic) -- KDHX, St. Louis (eclectic) -- RuffKut Reggae -- NetRadio -- Classical Music: Internet Broadcasts -- Mbira Music -- Hellenic Radio WHCI, Chicago -- WPFW, D.C. (jazz+) -- WETA, D.C. (class.) -- The Singing Sun -- Jupiter's Song -- Xfm, London (indie rock) -- Flamenco-World -- Bacteria Music -- The Tentacle -- antenna --
W e b s i g h t s :
time tales -- Visual literacy -- Stained Glass Museum -- Köhler's Medizinal Pflanzen (Rare Books from the Missouri Botanical Garden Library) -- Art and Life in Africa -- Freud as Collector -- American Museum of Photography -- Woodblock.com -- an eternity of forest -- Adobe puzzle page -- image geek -- UW Medicinal Herb Garden -- Brockman Tree Tour (UW) -- Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive -- The Cave of Lascaux -- Gutenberg to Gates -- A hundred highlights from the Koninklijke Bibliotheek -- Jupiter flyby -- RIT Carey Collection graphic arts -- Medieval Manuscript Manual Department of Medieval Studies at Central European University, Budapest -- Historic Cities maps --
W o r l d v i e w s - - - ( s a t. p i x - - m a p s - - l i v e. c a m s ) :
Mount St. Helens VolcanoCam -- GlobeXplorer -- WorldTime interactive atlas, who's got daylight? -- Earth from Space, shuttle-eye views -- From the top of Katahdin, 360 -- TerraServer (mid-90s sat. photos; find your house) -- North Pole (within last 6 hours) -- Miraflores Locks (Panama Canal) -- Old Faithful -- Niagara Falls -- view from the Space Needle -- Frostpaw's Space Needle cam -- Earth View (who's got daylight?) -- Paris views -- St.Basil's & Kremlin -- NASA TV -- South Africa game parks -- The World Right Now -- Border Crossings Finland/Russia -- Norway views -- Inside a Maine lobster trap -- Boston from space -- Mississippi Delta from space -- Earth from Above -- Etna cam --

Fish graphic (Ameiurus nebulosus) adapted from: FishBase WWW:Taxonomy