"Traditional Herbs for Winter Interest"


Finally--it's spring. You, the gardener, are setting out your new seedlings according to the sketches you made last winter. In the midst of all this new growth, it's easy to forget the quieter joys of the winter garden. However, now is a perfect time to consider including plants that will bring delight after the fall harvest. I invite you to pause and enjoy this winter stroll through the University of Washington's Medicinal Herb Garden. Some of the old-timers there might surprise you.

The Medicinal Herb Garden is a display site of over 600 species of herbs, shrubs, and trees associated with medicinal botany. Originally established by the university's Pharmacy Department in 1911, the MHG today is managed by the Botany Department and occupies two acres of the UW campus in Seattle, Washington. Most of its species are labeled with their scientific and common names, as well as their regions of origin. At any time of year, a gardener can find ample inspiration from its diverse collection.


Follow the stepping stones for a tour of MHG species that were Doing Something Interesting as of January 3rd, 1999 (after a below-freezing night). Or, follow the links below to go directly to a topic of interest.

Seattle lies in USDA Zone 8, enjoying relatively warm winters
(minimum temperatures: 10 to 20ºF; -12 to -7ºC), and mild summers.

Remnants Pycnanthumum

Holding on Sisyrinchium

Grayish foliage Glaucium

Ferula New green

Helleborus Flowers, even

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