Links for the Literary Lesbian

webzines and other sites with online content

Blithe House Quarterly -- Online literary magazine featuring short stories by emerging and established gay, lesbian, and bisexual writers.

The Church-Wellesley Review -- Canadian review of gay & lesbian writing. Issues from 1997 to 2000 available online at this link.

Fairytales and Dyke Dramas -- Short stories and urban folklore.

gormglaith -- Online novel by Heidi Wyss; tale of a possible future with Celtic, Gaelic, and witchy elements.

The Isle of Lesbos -- Elegantly-designed collection of poetry, letters, images, and quotations.

Lesion Nation -- Irreverent humor zine brought to you by lesbians who have nothing better to do than enjoy life.

Nest O' Vipers -- Zine from Boston for "lesbians and other cool women."

Queer Arts Resource -- Attractively-designed site for the display and discussion of queer art and culture; hosts several noteworthy online exhibits, a calendar of events and deadlines, and a directory of other GLBT cultural sites.

A Room Of Her Own -- Lesbian-themed short stories in a number of genres, as well as poetry and essays.

Sapphic Ink -- The last issue was published in the spring of 1997; four back issues are still available online.

Sapphic Voices -- A collection of lesbian poetry and short stories in a wide range of genres.

Women in the Life -- Online selections from the monthly D.C.-based magazine founded to enrich the lives of lesbians of color. Fiction, news, feature articles, women's sports news, financial advice, and much more.

Women of the Left Bank -- Elegant site highlighting the writers, artists, musicians, and thinkers of the Paris salons and clubs in the first half of the 20th century. A wealth of biographical and historical articles, reviews, and images.

reviews and discussion

The Gay and Lesbian Presence in American Literature -- Essay by David Bergman on how to present gay & lesbian works in liturature studies.

The Gay & Lesbian Review -- (Formerly the Harvard Gay & Lesbian Review). Selected articles and reviews by and of noteworthy GLBT commentators are avilable online.

International Gay & Lesbian Review -- Abstracts and reviews of books pertaining to GLBT studies, searchable by author and title.

Lavender Fantasies -- Briefly reviews fantasy novels with lesbian characters.

The Lavender Salon Reader -- The newsletter is no longer active, but you can check the “Club listings” link to find a GLBT discussion group in your area.

The Lesbian Detective Novel Fan Site -- Discussion and reviews of lesbian detective novels.

Lesbian Studies -- Reviews of novels, anthologies, and non-fiction.

The Lost Generation Era -- Summary of gay and lesbian cultural figures of the 1920s.

Stonewall and Beyond: Lesbian and Gay Culture -- Online edition of a Columbia University Libraries exhibition in 1994; among the topics discussed are "Pre- and Post-Stonewall Lesbian Imagery" and "Gay & Lesbian Themes in Hispanic Literatures & Cultures."

guides and lists

Bibliography of Queer Chicana Fictions -- Extensive list of Chicana and Latina lesbian writers with some links and resources for further explorations.

The Blackstripe -- An internet resource for GLBT people of African descent; as of Dec. 2002 is being re-formatted. In the past, has reviewed and recommended books of interest.

Books on the African-American Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Experience -- Lengthy annotated reading list.

Feminist Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Utopia -- Extensive listing of books, authors, discussion groups, and other resources, including specific bibliographies of writings pertaining to lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and GLBT youth readers.

Gay Asian Literature -- Lists fiction, non-fiction, and anthology titles in which gay Asian themes are explored or mentioned.

Gay and Lesbian Books: African American Literature Book Club -- Brief annotated list.

Gay Literature -- Good starting place for links to recommended GLBT-themed books, e-zines, short fiction, and their authors. Look under "Bibliograhies" for readings lists pertaining to Chicana, Latina, Asian, and Pacific Island writings.

glbtq.com -- Online GLBTQ encyclopedia, has extensive coverage of queer literature and arts and an international scope.

Lambda Literary Foundation -- Reviews, current finalists, and lists of past year's winners. SFCH Lambda Literary Award Winners focuses on gay and lesbian science fiction/fantasy.

Latina Lesbian & Bisexual Bibliography -- List of books in Spanish and in English.

Women in the Shadows
Annotated list of books in the Lesbian Pulp Fiction Collection at the Sallie Bingham Center for Women's History, at Duke University. Includes some eye-catching cover graphics.

glbt resource directories

Gayscape's Literature links

PrideLinks -- GLBT search engine and directory, with several pages of Literature links

QWorld -- Maintains a directory of GLBT arts at the Painted Word Cafe. Their Publications page lists more online sources for queer writing.

Classic Dykes Online -- The cyber-network for "lezbians in midlife and beyond." The Lesbian Aging Bibliography page lists books of interest.

updated October 11, 2002

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Mosaic1: Life Stories

Mosaic 1:
Life Stories

from isolation
to community

oral history from the Northwest Lesbian and Gay History Museum Project
October 2002
260 pages


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