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The Open Road Cookbook

Easy Barbecued Sandwiches, p. 113 (Well, I just got my new cookbook from Joanna (I have them all and the scary thing is I won't live long enough to try all recipes!!!!!) and I have to share this one. It is so good. . . . I also used this to make taco salad.) Chicken Skillet Pie, p. 155 (This recipe is downright scrumptious. I have already made it three times (and it is just me living in my apt!!!). This is from her new cookbook, The Open Road Cookbook. . . . I found I had to add more water [to the baking mix] to get it to a thick paste.) Scroll down after clicking on this link to see: Campsite Coffee Mix, p. 254 (I purchased the cookbook at Media Play. I just love it!!!!! A lot of quick and easy recipes. . . . I have all of Joanna's books and I receive her newsletter. . . . I like this book by far the best. . . try [this]. . . . I made up the mix with a recipe card attached and put it in a lovely jar with cross-stiched lid and gave it away to my Mom, sisters, sister-in-law and a few close friends for Mothers Day. Everyone enjoyed it very much!!! Oh, also included a coffee mug with it. Happy Cooking!!!!!) (I don't camp, but I did make [this]. I am pleasantly surprised; it's very good and mixes completely. No "sludge" in the bottom of the cup. . . . I think putting it in the blender made a big difference.) Chocolate Orange Mousse, p. 212 (***** We are not really dessert eaters, but we loved this.) (We have made this several times now and we both love it. Today we added 1 tablespoon of frozen raspberry pieces on top; ohhhh, it was sooooo good.) (Heavenly, thick and tastes so rich, that you can't believe it is a healthy dessert.) (recipes that I like . . . [This] has a flavor that is reminiscent of those wonderful chocolate covered orange sticks that I used to eat as a child.) Glazed Maple Orange Chicken, p. 158 (This is awesome, in fact we are having it again this week we loved it so much!) Easy Macaroni Salad, p. 125 (As Tony the Tiger says, Gr-r-reat!) San Antonio Vegetable Soup, p. 86 (WOW! I was sort of scared with the name San Antonio. I thought would be really spicy, but it had a bit to it, not like I expected. Thank goodness, for those who like it hotter, you can more hot seasoning.) Scroll down after clicking on this link to see: Country Chicken Chowder, p. 91 (I know there are lots of yummy soups around. Has anyone tried a good one lately they'd recommend? We have several inches of snow on the ground, and I need to make some soup for my lunches for the rest of the week. What have you been trying? . . . My latest was [this]. Excellent!) No-Bake Lemon Cheesecake Pie, p. 228 (I already have some favorite lemon recipes I fall back on. My favorite is [this]. Every time I make it I feel so smart and proud to serve it to my husband and friends.) Pineapple Orange Salad (This is one I personnally like. I did fine the top layer very sweet and made the following note to myself. 'Next time try using 1/2 pkg. of jello with pudding mix or 1/2 pkg. of pudding mix with a full box of jello.) Old-Fashioned Potato Salad, p. 127 (Here's another one we liked. I only made 1/2 a recipe for the 2 of us and added about 1 tabl. of sweet relish.) Peanut Butter Popcorn Treats, p. 235 Morning Mix Up, p. 73 Mushroom Scrambled Eggs, p. 80

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