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Another Potful of Recipes

Scalloped Pizza Potatoes, p. 159 (I made [this] recipe in the new crockpot book. . . . It was good and I would make it again.) Baked Sliced Apples, p. 255 (I changed it a little - used fresh cranberries instead of raisins. . . . I bought some of those little graham cracker tart shells. Put about 1/2 cup of apples in each tart and then a small scoop of FF vanilla frozen yogurt on top. I haven't figured the points. I think next time, I will buy a reduced fat graham cracker pie shell, double the recipe and pour in the pie shell. It could be served with the FF frozen yogurt or FF Cool Whip. The taste was great. In fact my husband thought it was a little too sweet -- so next time I may reduce the Splenda a little. It smelled so good cooking all afternoon.) Baked Chicken and Gravy, p. 181 (Loved this! The chicken was so tender.) Almost Too Easy Vegetable Beef Soup, p. 102 (Here is one that I made this week that I will definitely be making again. So easy and so good. Crockpot recipe -- but could also be made on the stove.) South Seas Sweet Potatoes and Ham, p. 235 Candied Sweet Potatoes, p. 164 Spencer's Macaroni and Cheese with Hot Dogs, p. 238 German Frankfurter Supper, p. 237 Frankfurter Beans Deluxe, p. 236 Breakfast Cheese Soufflé, p. 249

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