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By Len Foxworth
Sometimes you are lucky and are given an opportunity to participate in special events in a special way for people of different characters and lifestyles.

Such an opportunity was given to several Texas Department of Criminal Justice employees.

Rarely do you see the benefits when you do volunteer work, but this weekend in Arlington the Law Enforcement Torch Run and Special Olympics was an event that touched the lives of these volunteers.

Special jobs were assigned to a variety of volunteers.

There were positions of the starters for the races, the huggers who cheered the participants on and then were hugged at the finish line, and those who were allowed to give out the medals.

What you feel when you participate in these kinds of events is embodied in a spiritual realm of being.

You cannot help but feel the warmth surround your heart and melt the coolness of the world from everyday activities.

While placing a medal around the Olympian’s neck they would just beam with joy and self-esteem.

Those kinds of feelings do nothing but touch your heart at the same time. Those feelings are contagious.

If you are just watching from the sideline the effect was the same.

One red-headed young man placed in the 100-meter dash and was just ecstatic.

His personality knew not the bounds of letting defeat take control. He was determined but not possessed.

The moment he received his medal it was like watching “Rocky” all over again.

Those feelings come so rarely in everyday life but are available to anyone who desires to try to obtain them.

The awesome moment came when all the local law enforcement volunteers walked into the stadium in single file and lined the markers of the football field.

Then the speaker announced all the local Special Olympians group as they enter the stadium from the opposite side and stood alternately between the law enforcement volunteers.

The national anthem was sung and the flags were hosted. Pride for the children, our great country and a peaceful joy were the feelings on that field that night.

Once you have experienced these kinds of events and feel these kinds of feelings, then you desire others to enjoy them.

It was truly a “weekend of fun” as one volunteer spoke of the time that had passed.

Next year be sure and get the chance to be considered as a volunteer and just give a couple of hours at a benefit.

It will make a small change in your life and give much hope.

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