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By Jim Reynolds
Senior Warden J. V. Young, Capt. Lorenzo Wynn, CO III Shane Hembree and CO III Elaine O’Daniel were honored at the May 31 staff meeting for the Marshall Formby-J. B. Wheeler Complex.

Warden Young was nominated for Outstanding Corrections Administrator of the Year. Capt. Wynn was a nominee for Outstanding Line Supervisor of the Year.

Placed in nomination for Outstanding Line Officer of the Year was CO III Hembree. He is an inside-outside yard squad boss.

CO III O’Daniel was cited for earning her BSOE degree at Wayland Baptist University in May.

Warden Young and CO III Hembree were on the original staff when the J. B. Wheeler Unit was opened. The Marshall Formby Unit later was constructed.Young has been the only senior warden to serve the complex in Plainview.

“I enjoy being a correctional supervisor,” stated Capt. Wynn, who began his TDCJ career on Nov. 5, 1985.

He worked at Ellis I, Hilltop, San Saba Transfer Facility and Mountain View before transferring to the Marshall Formby-J. B. Wheeler Complex.

A Texas flag replica and gold stars highlighted a cake prepared for a June 9 memorial service held at the Formby-Wheeler Complex “to honor and remember the correctional officers across the nation who gave their lives in the line of duty during 1999.”

The service was attended by Formby-Wheeler Employees, Region V Satellite Office employees and Plainview Regional Human Resource employees.

Participants in the service included members of the Formby/Wheeler trauma team.

“All attendees were moved and touched by the service as we honored those who gave their lives,” according to Major Orr.

A memorial shrub was planted in memory of Daniel Nagle and Francisco Garza, both of whom were TDCJ employees at the time of their deaths.

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