Series One: Longboard

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Skate Man Walking

Exhibitions and Announcements
02-08-2006:  Ongoing exhibit of selected prints at Glen's Diner, 1820 W. Montrose in Chicago.  Come for the viewing, stay for the eating.

10-13-2004 I've received an Honorable Mention from the International Photography Awards,, in the Non-Professional/Editorial category for Series One: Longboard.  Actually I received an Honorable mention in the two sub-categories, Other Editorial and Sports. 

Okay kids, this is a temporary solution for me until I get something more permenant lined up.  Please forgive the images here as they weren't captured very well.  Trust me the originals are much better.  The colors are much more pronounced and the bevel cuts are all straight and true. 

All of these photos were taken on the same day with a 16mm bolex.  I then used standard silver gelatin still processing followed by hand colloring with Marshal Photo oils.  There are 20 prints in the series total and they can all be seen here.  The acutal prints are mounted on 8-ply archive board with a black matte window cut cover, the print and matte measure 10.5 x 20".  In the future look for; Series 2: These are the Girls I know I know, and; Because No-one Poses with Their Toaster (concived by Julene {Sparky} McCoy)

Thanks for the looking!!

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my photos. Please get in touch with any comments or reactions!

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