Russell Junction is the first attempt at a home layout by a long time modular railroader. The switching layout is a 6 feet by 2 feet modeled in HO scale.

It is based on the Crisfield Industrial layout by Geren Mortensen found on the website.  I added an extra siding in the back right. 

Each of the sidings will hold one car with it's switcher locomotive making some moves a bit harder than others. The mainline enters at the bottom right and continues to the bottom left with the industrial sidings to the top.

This layout will be the first in a series of small switching locations that will ultimately be combined in the future larger layout.

Work began following the LSR Convention in June 2004 and is making slow progress. Highway construction is just about complete with guardrails being installed with lines and signs to be added.  The East end has been pretty much finished except for the final details like signs and people.   Mid-town is about half finished with the addition of 3 new structures.  And the west end is now receiving the most attention with the construction of Plastic Industries – a Walther’s Modular Building project.

This website is progressing - lots of work has been done.  Several new pages on the Points of Interest page.

In addition to the in progress pictures, each area or building will have it's own page - check out the "Points of Interest" link. Each page will identify the kit, the builder and some pictures.

Don't forget to take a look at the "Construction Notes" section for details on construction.

Other small layouts can be found on the Small Layout Designs yahoo group (see the link in the links section).

Enjoy your visit.

Pictures (12/30/05) of MidTown and West End: 

Pictures (12/30/05) of MidTown and East End:


Photo(9/24/05) of K&S Packaging in the east end after adding scenery materials and 32 trees:



Photo of the East end of the layout Labor Day 2005:




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