This is the auxillary page for .  I have so many pictures that I filled up my allowance of free web space with Earthlink on the original site.  So if you somehow happened on this page without first visiting the parent page that started it all, please have a look there as well.  There a LOTS of pictures.  And pictures - particularly closeup pictures - is why I built the site in the first place. 
As I state on my parent page, I am not an expert on ducks.  As such, I have no intention of dispensing health or care advice so please do not ask.  The few injuries and illnesses I have had personal experience with will be on these pages as soon as I get a chance to ad them.  Past that, you will have to do what I've done - buy the Holderreads book on ducks and any others you can get your hands on and guess as best you can.  Ducks are extremely hardy and if given fresh water daily and  a clean, dry environment with plenty of good ventilation in their night house and plenty of grass to run on during the day, they do very well.

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