21Description: http://www.concordant.org/images/dot_clear.gifThe previous section found no one just but God Himself. No one has been able to attain God’s standard by doing or keeping the law. How then may we become just before God? Only by becoming partakers of His righteousness.Description: http://www.concordant.org/images/dot_clear.gif


22Description: http://www.concordant.org/images/dot_clear.gifThe channel through which we may obtain this righteousness is the faith of Jesus Christ. He alone of all mankind, not only did good and kept the law, but He believed God even when He smote Him for our sins. It is out of His faith for our faith.


24Description: http://www.concordant.org/images/dot_clear.gifThey hated Him without a cause– gratuitously. Such is the meaning of this precious word. Justification on any other ground than the free and unforced favor of God is impossible, for none deserve it. But now Christ Jesus has effected a deliverance from all judgment, which is absolutely free to all who believe.


It is the faith of Jesus which activates God’s grace for the salvation of all mankind in due time.



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Listening to shortwave today, I heard a preacher talking about the Grace of God and that the only way to activate that Grace, in order to save yourself you know, is for you to have faith in Jesus.  That puts the onus on the man but man is sinful to the core and can in no way save himself by “helping God” with the choice, the decision, that is to be made.  It is the faith of Jesus Christ (genitive or possessive case), His faith that His God and His Father would raise Him from the dead, effecting the salvation of all mankind… and especially of believers (the elect 1 Tim 4:9-11) who will be reigning with Christ during the upcoming eons.  I know, it may be difficult for you to wrap your mind around this fact but it is taught in the Bible.