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The Lopez Beatles
from Echo Park, California

first were Bruce D. Rhodewalt, Robert Lloyd, Lloyd Ehrenberg (R.I.P.) and Jim Goodall

next were Bruce D. Rhodewalt, Robert Lloyd, Jim Goodall and David Vaught

finally (as pictured) were Doug Freeman, Bruce D. Rhodewalt, Robert Lloyd and Jim Goodall

avec quelquefois le concours dès Lo-pets, Michele Seipp et Anne Bogart

Bruce played the rhythm guitar and the penny jar and the recorder and wrote and sang almost all the songs that weren't written by people we didn't know. Robert played the lead guitar and wrote or co-wrote a few songs and sang half of one. Jim played the drums. Doug played the bass guitar and sang harmony vocals and wrote one song. Lloyd played the guitar and the trumpet and gave us "Coins." David played the bass before Doug. Anne and Michele danced and sang.

Glenn and Ellen made a video of "Bitchen Party" that played some on the television.

The Lopez Beatles are still a band, but a band that (almost) never plays.

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The Songs of the Lopez Beatles

Bitchen Party * Spin-a-Roo * Secret Prize * Mr. Man * Rancher Steve * Sam Francis * Wild Fever * Girlorama *
She's My Baby (and She Doesn't Want to Walk Around with You) * The We Hate Margaret Thatcher Club
The We Love Lopez Beatles Club * Microscope * Lopez Beatles on the Road Again * Honey Bunch * Luau Sunset * 
Coins * Independence Hall, Buena Park * Big Foot * Things Are Going My Way * Robert's Camera * Candy Cane *
Christmas Is Coming to Get You * It's Halloween * It's Christmas Eve * It's Groundhog Day * It's Valentine's Day *
It's Ash Wednesday * I Saw the Bank of America * She's Got Bangs *

The Cover Songs of the Lopez Beatles
Philosophy of the World * Hanky Panky * The Words Get Stuck in My Throat * Merry-Go-Round * L-O-V-E *
It Happened on the Beach at Bali-Bali * Indian Giver * Alley Cat * Satin Doll * Billy Boy * Sweet Pea * Yellow Bird *
Bizet Has His Day * Ring-a-Ding-Ding * Love Goes to Building on Fire * Heartbreaker * The Carnival of Venice *
The Walk of Ed White * Hey Little Woman * The ice cream truck song * Work Song * Gidget * Glory *
 Love and Marriage * Haru Ga Kita *

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