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When will more Don Ellis Critical Editions be available?
They will be released periodically, one at a time. At this time, KC Blues, Open Wide, After An Autumn Rain, Loose As A Goose, Over The Rainbow, Strawberry Soup, Star Children and Loss are available.

How can I purchase them?
From the University of Northern Colorado Jazz Press. They have an extensive catalog of jazz ensemble charts. You can still order some of the old editions (from the 1970's) through them.

Which charts will be released in this series?
They will comprise of the most-requested tunes in the Ellis book not already published. Strawberry Soup, Loss, Whiplash, Open Wide, KC Blues, Star Children, A New Kind of Country, and Image of Maria are either done or slated for editing, others are awaiting approval. Chances are, if you really like a particular chart and many others do too, it will be on the list. Feel free to contact us with your requests.

Will tunes from BLAST! be included?
Due to recent interest in Don Ellis tunes included in the show BLAST!, some of those charts will be included in the series.





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