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For information on the DON ELLIS CRITICAL EDITIONS contact Russell Scarbrough or Nick DiScala.

To subscribe to the Don Ellis Newsletter, for periodic information on Ellis events, recordings, alumni information, or general news, visit Scott Harris's site, which now incorporates Gord McGonnigal's Don Ellis Info Sheet.

UNC Jazz Press, where the Don Ellis Critical Editions are published, and where many of the older charts may still be purchased.

A few of the older charts and a few other DE goodies are available at

Wounded Bird Records: Where to get the Tears Of Joy, Live at Fillmore, Pieces of Eight, Underground, and Connection reissues on CD.

For technical information: My good friend from back in the Towson State days, Sean Fenlon, has gone on to Peabody and authored his doctoral dissertation on "The Exotic Rhythms of Don Ellis", with an accompanying web site.

The broadway show BLAST!, and its accompanying CD and videos, feature music of Don Ellis.




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