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Updated January 28, 2015
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The Woodshead -NYC1- Griffith Park, Los Angeles

Greetings and welcome to the site!
I am Robin Russell, of the 1970's R&B group New Birth and their counterpart, the Nite-Liters.  You may have heard my drumming on such New Birth hits as "Got to Get a Knutt", "I Can Understand It", "Wildflower", "Dream Merchant",  "It's Been Such a Long Time", "Comin From All Ends",  "Granddady", and "Keep on Doing it".  My drum beats have also been sampled by such R&B Hip-Hop artists as Jamie Foxx, Mariah Carey, De La Soul, Fat Joe, Big Daddy Kane, A Tribe Called Quest, Black Sheep, DJ Pogo, Lucas, Master P, Something for the People, Ice Cream Man, Turn Out the Lights, Radio, LL Cool J, Slang Blade, Grandest of the All, Young Bleed, Don't Play, Close the Crackhouse, Valerian Root, Bring It To Me, Charlie Sez, MF Doom, Public Enemy, This is It, San Francisco Nights, Cassidy, Grave Diggers, Biggie Smalls, Ya Playin' Yaself, Zignaflyinblow, and also on a 2006 Jeep Compass commercial.   In recent years I have continued to performe periodically with New Birth, various other artists, as well as solo performances. 
NOTE:  I have healed from my leg/back injury and returned to my outings in Griffith Park.  I was also able to return and perform at the Los Angeles Marathon on Sunday, March 9, 2014.  It was awesome!!  Thank you for being you!!
This web site is dedicated to the essence and experience of my outings with the drums in a natural, serene, and semi-secluded setting in the rugged mountain slopes of Griffith Park, a National Parkland located in Los Angeles, California.  Since the Spring of 2001, I have spent many a day drumming at the woodshead in Griffith Park at an area known as NYC1.  Beginning in the darkness of the pre-dawn hours, to the soothing calm of the sunset, to the peacefulness of nightfall, the journey continues to blossom.  This oasis, along with the birds, the squirels, the morning mist, the afternoon sunrays and the evening stillness, is a place where I faithfully woodsheld, groove, compose, study, and engage in a spiritial connection between Mother Nature, the universe, my soul, and the spirits of my ancestors.  Thank you God!!

Drum Sessions DVD

Drum Beats CD

*ScratchTV Video Clip with RR drumtrack

Also, on this site you will find photos taken on various days capturing another joy of my outings at Griffith Park. During the spring, and summer months in particular, many of my weekend afternoon sessions evolve into a fun filled gathering. Beautiful weather, the park, pinic areas, and playgrounds nearby. Do you see what I am getting at? Ok, the childern, the families, the barbeque's, and the outdoor birthday parties. Often, visitors will stop by and listen as I engage. At times I will offer my vistors a chance to play the drums. Many of us love drums, and many will leap at the opportunity when offered. To name a few, some of the kids, Samuel, Rebecca, Anthony, Jacob, Abraham, and their families have become very good friends of mime. There is another blessing that I cannot overlook.....the food! Yes, grills are fired-up, and the aroma is in the air. Thank you, to all who have shared your delicious meals. Umm, umm good! I would also like to thank the joggers, runners, cyclist, hikers, and horseback riders for the kind words and friendly waves

Under the oak tree at NYC1.

Custom leather throne & stick bag by Javier Arce, stud work by Robin

Robin plays:   Pearl Drums
                        Zildjian Cymbals
Special Thanks to:
Professional Drum Shop, Hollywood, California 
Guitar Center Drum Dept., Pasadena, California

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