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LA Marathon

LA Marathon 2008 - Mile 9 - Olympic & Magnolia

For the past 9 years we* have had the honor of performing as a solo act ("Drum Beats") for the Los Angeles Marathon.  Drumming at Mile 18 (Wilshire & Crescent Heights) for the first 3 years, then at Mile 14 for 2007,  Mile 9 (Olympic & Magnolia) for the 2008, Mile 18 for 2009,  Mile 19 for 2010,  Mile 18 for 2011, and mile 19 for 2012 and 2013.   I am also happy to announce that 2013 marks the first year for me to perform at the Orange County Marathon where I was stationed at Mile 19, and it was a very exciting and fun experience as expected.   (Note:  Race day 2011 presented a tremendous challenge as the day was filled with heavy rains.  It was an obstacle but we continued drumming throughout the storm).  Participating in the Los Angeles Marathon has been a very rewarding experience.  Many of those running in the Marathon train to the pulse of the drum beats as I engage in my early morning drum sessions at Griffith Park.   The run/drum combination seems to be such a natural fit.  The runners harness energy from drum beats and vice versa.  The LA Marathon and the Orange County Marathon are very inspirational events and we look forward to returning next year.  
*"We" refers to the spirit within, the spirit of the drum, the spirit of our ancestors, and the spirit of God.