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Sample Log

This page contains a partial list of songs released by various Hip-Hop Artists that have sampled Robin's drum beats.  "It is my Honor that the younger generation has recognized, and choosen these samples as a voice in their creative endeavors....thank you gentlemen".  And my special thanks to DJ Soulero (90.7 WHPC, Nassau Community College, Nassau, NY)....RR    (list will be updated periodcally)

Artist:                 Song
Big Daddy Kane         "Stop Shamming"
                        CD:  Looks Like a Job
                        Label:  Warner Bros. - May 1993
Black Sheep            "Black w/N.V."
                       "The Choice is Yours"
                        CD:  A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing
                        Label:  Mercury/Universal - October 1991
A Tribe Called Quest   "Rap Promoter"
                        CD:  The Low End Theory
                        Label:  Jive Records - 1991   
De La Soul             "Can You Keep a Secret"
                        CD:  3 Feet High & Rising
                        Label:  Tommy Boy - 1989
** Log soon to be updated with list of artist on the RR