News  5-08-2007


Updated 5-1-2014



GB TV & Trains has been selected by R&L Lines to handle their line of track cleaning cars. The cars are called “Track Scrubbers” and they feature a unique approach to track cleaning. At the heart of the system are foam rollers that offset at an angle to the track. This approach is so revolutionary that a Permanent Patent has been granted. Several benefits are derived from the offset angle, among them are:

1)    A scrubbing motion is imparted to the roller.

2)    Significantly quicker cleaning of the rails

3)    A wider area of the foam roller contacts each rail (15mm of contact versus 1.5mm for a straight roller or pad) thus the roller absorbs ten times the dirt over a straight roller.



These cars feature ALL METAL construction. The flat car is made of Aluminum, the pipe load and roller pins are Stainless Steel, the trucks, wheels, axles and couplers are metal (exception: G scale version has plastic couplers and trucks with metal wheels). The rollers are standard Foam Pro brand trim rollers available at many paint and hardware stores. These cars are made with pride in the USA.


To use the “Track Scrubber”, simply pull the car around your layout with an engine. The manufacturer recommends a citrus cleaner such as “Goo Gone”, “Goo Off” or “Goo Remover” brands to moisten (not drench) the rollers for initial cleaning and then after a few laps around the layout, switch to the dry rollers to remove excess cleaner.


The “Track Scrubber” is available in three versions at this time, O/O-27 gauge 3-rail, Standard gauge (Lionel style couplers), and G gauge (with knuckle or Euro Link/Loop couplers).



$99.99      (MSRP $109.99)    O/O-27 gauge 3-rail with Lionel style couplers (includes 4 rollers, cleaning solution included)


$129.99    (MSRP $139.99)    Standard gauge with Lionel style couplers (includes 4 rollers, cleaning solution included)


$129.99    (MSRP $139.99)    G gauge with Knuckle or Euro Link/Loop couplers (includes 4 rollers, cleaning solution included)


$2.99       (MSRP  $5.99)    O/O-27 Cleaning roller 2 pack


$4.49       (MSRP  $6.99)    G/Standard gauge Cleaning roller 2 pack


$2.99       (MSRP  $4.99)    Goo Gone brand cleaning fluid (3 oz.)




NOTE: GB TRAIN SHOP has tested these cars and in my opinion, these are the best track cleaners made! If you have questions, call and ask for John!


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