The Four Youngest Trussell Children, Circa 1950

Amos & Mabel Trussell Bob & Margaret Trussell
Charlie and Rebecca Judson Franklin and Jane Trussell
     The four youngest Trussell children were very close all their lives and used to get together often. These photos, taken at the Judson Ranch around 1950, show the four couples involved. From the upper left and going clockwise they are Amos and Mabel Trussell, Robert and Margaret Trussell, Franklin and Jane Trussell, and Charlie and Rebecca Judson. Charlie and Mabel were also brother and sister. These four Trussells, their children and their grandchildren would get together several times a year; particularly at Christmas, Easter, the 4th of July, and Thanksgiving. Today much of this tradition still continues. These photos were taken by Bud Carroll, husband of the Judson's daughter, Louise.